1. Life Wasted

    [It's Over] If you don't have this kind of skeleton by 2030 then it's over for you...

    With female standards constantly on the rise you'll need one of the following skeletons to have any sort of chance of getting laid by 2030.... Any of those should be enough to get the "privilege" of betabuxxing something like this...... Welcome to the future.
  2. 456C6C696F74

    [Soy] Findom Cuckold sph joi cei Pegging Soy Feeding

    INSTASOY for instant JOY. A hungry cuck will not bring you betabuck. Prudent women feed their cucksbands with INSTASOY brand soylent. When you're at the Groceries, ask for INSTASOY. It has all the essential nutrient and minerals a cuck needs. Don't forget to feed your cucks with INSTASOY...
  3. narcissist

    [JFL] Incel humor thread

    Post funny shit. :lul::feelzez: