1. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Journalists and youtubers owe us thanks tbh

    We've given them so much content which has put money in their pockets. Its not too dissimilar to the Donald Trump phenomenon, lefty journalists and their employers hate him but in a way he has revived their organisations and given them lots of work. From what I've seen in other threads they...
  2. LilHappyLilSad

    İts over? (Lookmax comments)

    I send my pictures lookmax and they are said: What is your thinks... %100 over?
  3. Cleftcel

    [Serious] who is the currycel saint?

    Elliot Rodger- HAPA saint CHO- Ricecel saint St.BlackopsIIcel- white saint ST. Bagelcel - manlet saint Currycel- fappingplanecel? add any others you can think of
  4. Neggr

    My cousin is an incel

    He probably would never accept the fact that he is ugly, he got rejected by e-girls a lot. Never had a gf despite desperately trying, is very bluepilled. I pity him. I wish I could blackpill him...
  5. Mixedcel

    [Experiment] What do you believe is the largest reason to your inceldom?

    What is the largest reason that you are an incel? I'd definitely say that for me it's either being an ethnic incel or being severely socially anxious. It's been over for me since the 1990s. :feelsrope:
  6. Mixedcel

    [Serious] Have you "come out" as incel to anyone?

    I'm too afraid to come out. So many people nowadays bash incels and think all of us are some sort of psychopathic murderers. That's why I haven't come out yet as an incel to anyone. What about you?
  7. LilHappyLilSad

    what do you do when you need sex (Survey)

    Please be honest
  8. LilHappyLilSad

    Catpill?! (Turkish Women)

    She said: I fell in love with my cat no joke. I show him the love I never showed anyone. I am sorry husband. :( (Sad Smile.) (I saw this message on game forum.)
  9. DarkMTS_57

    [Blackpill] Essential Self-Awareness To The Mind

    Raise your IQ and self awareness by watching this great man i found on YTB several years ago. It is important to open your ears and mind and take a close listen to what he is bringing forth to you. Subscribe to Alex On Life, Its his channel.
  10. SniiperCel

    [Serious] Lowkey Gymcel Tale and Currycel Pal

    Was a frail boy in middle school, foids basically ignored me and paid me no mind. Ethnic as well, so I constantly lost to Chad, and even the Tyrones of my own race still managed to swoon the underdeveloped Stacys. In the middle of 9th grade, believe it or not, I took the blackpill and became a...
  11. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Sometimes I wonder if I'm a manic depressive

    Anyone else feel like that? . I get really low and can be very nihilistic but other times I can spontaneously become very giddy and joyful, sometimes a single song can completely take me from one extreme of feeling to another. Was just wondering if anyone else here experiences this as all you...
  12. starystulejarz

    [RageFuel] Two foids bully incel in the interview.

    Just because he is low SMV he is worth less than garbage. While they don't treat baddly dude who had a wife. In the trailer below you could see how highly they think of themselves, how egoistic and narcissistic they are, they are not females they are vapid, vindictive and weak imitation of male...
  13. Wyatt Kaesar

    [Serious] Should incels establish a male-only colony on Mars?

    Interplanetary travel is becoming more and more feasible by the day thanks to advances in NASA, the Third World, and commercial space companies like SpaceX, Orbital, ULA and Blue Origin. More and more people are talking about establishing colonies on the Moon, Mars and even Venus. I have been...
  14. Mavenes

    [Serious] Feminism = genocide against ugly men

    If today many men are involuntary celibates, it is only because of feminism. In particular from these two aspects caused by this carcinogenic movement: 1. Women's economic emancipation. 2. Sexual liberation. Because of the economic emancipation of women, nowadays women don't need to get...
  15. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Serious] People from IT envy us.

    Think about it in a psychological way. It is very often that gay-hating people are try to compensate their own homosexuality. And IT members are obvious Incels, none of them has any sexual succes for sure. (I know cucks like them, they score last) The envy us because we say openly what they...
  16. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Who else is a eugenicist?

    And thinks that its a good thing overall that we are been purged from the gene pool. We would produce ugly ass kids tbh and things will be even worse for sub8 male in the future
  17. Cleftcel

    [Serious] If was a family...

    Who would you be? I feel like i'm a benevolent older brother tbh I usually give positive advice to youngcels
  18. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Do you have post count you'd like to reach?

    What is it ? Or is post count cope?
  19. Cleftcel

    Have you ever been rated?

    who did it? how did they rate you? Like everyone I curious what my number is, but too high inhib and too worried about being doxed and becoming a meme
  20. Cleftcel

    [Cope] (gymcelling) I really enjoy pre-exhaustion supersets tbh

    Any fellow gymcellers ever try them e.g. dumbbell side lateral followed immediately by a barbell or dumbbell press, or perhaps leg curls followed by stiff-legged deadlifts. I don't know what would of happened to me over the last number of years if I didn't have my ever-faithful cope of...