1. Mixedcel

    [News] Number of Men Under 30 Reporting No Sex Has Reached Record Highs

    "According to the survey, the portion of Americans between 18 and 29 reporting no sex in the last year has more than doubled in the last decade, leaping from 8 percent in 2008 up to 23 percent in 2018. Broken down by gender, the data also showed a significant and unprecedented divide between...
  2. Mixedcel

    [Experiment] What do you believe is the largest reason to your inceldom?

    What is the largest reason that you are an incel? I'd definitely say that for me it's either being an ethnic incel or being severely socially anxious. It's been over for me since the 1990s. :feelsrope:
  3. Mixedcel

    [Serious] Have you "come out" as incel to anyone?

    I'm too afraid to come out. So many people nowadays bash incels and think all of us are some sort of psychopathic murderers. That's why I haven't come out yet as an incel to anyone. What about you?
  4. B

    [Serious] [Poll] What is the Economic views of

    While there is a lot of cultural/societal critique on this website, I hardly see anyone discuss economics as economics has a strong tie between culture. We work 40 hours a week at some job, spend lots of our time consuming and purchasing, and our politics largely revolve around Economics rather...
  5. DarkMTS_57

    [Blackpill] Inceldom Anthem; War against degeneracy, Blackpill Hatred

    Release Thy Hatred.
  6. DarkMTS_57

    [Media] Incel Lullabys

    I´ll share some music that i found on YTB, that is very heart wrecking, and yet it sounds so good. Enjoy.
  7. Blackpincel

    [Experiment] What bothers you the most about your Inceldom?

    In my case, what frustrates me the most about being Incel is not getting laid. I've escortcelled a few times before but I'm sure it's not the same experience as having sex with a foid you didn't need to directly pay for sex, because interactions with prostitutes involve no attraction/real...
  8. Cleftcel

    [LifeFuel] Would you say you are resilient?

    The years of inceldom and loneliness have surely taken their toll on all of us but we've also survived it all by ourselves (we're stil fuckin here). To put this in persective most normal ppl would lose their minds if they had to spend a weekend in solitude. We have an emotional strength they...
  9. Blackpincel

    [Venting] Do you support eugenics to eradicate Inceldom in the future?

    Do you think that massive eugenics programs (encouraging genetically fucked people to not reproduce and make every woman use exclusively healthy Gigachad/Chad sperm donors) can gradually make undesirable genetic features become more rare, and eventually lead to a massive drop (numerically) of...
  10. Xenocel

    [Serious] Are incels with sisters volcels?

    Forget incest,i m speaking about connections. If you have a sister that's a huge opportunity. She can bring her friends at home and tell them that her brother has an enormous dick or something. Honestly i wish i had a sister. I have only a brother who has never helped me because he is also sub8...
  11. chudur-budur

    [Experiment] My inceldom recruitment missionary work is halted because of a weird dry spell.

    I have been doing this inceldom missionary work on okcupid (please see part1 and part2) by catfishing as a landwhale-sjw-hag-whore. My main target recruits are curries (for obvious reasons). But from the last two/three weeks I am going through an extremely dry spell. I have sent messages to...
  12. chudur-budur

    [Experiment] My inceldom recruiting missionary work: Part 2

    Meanwhile, I made an OkCupid account as a hag-roastie-landwhale-whore -- Upon opening the account, hundred of betas started to swarm around me. I got plenty of likes in a very short time. Then I started to giving likes to all currycels and I got couple of mutual matches. Immediately, one...
  13. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Does anyone find their thoughts of ER have waned with age?

    I was way more into that stuff when I was maybe 18-22, either im mellowing out or truly giving up. I was just thinking about the age of the incel killers e.g. Dylan and Eric, Cho, ER all youngcels
  14. Ser0

    [Serious] What is something that needs to be said?

    And who needs to hear it?
  15. F

    [SuicideFuel] Everyday of school is like a punch in the face

    Going to school is probably one of the most depressing experiences as an Incel. Every day is painful & you can't escape... Education : I personally can't learn in classes or groups effectively. All of it makes the whole process a lot slower. Everyone is wasting precious time by talking about...
  16. Virginp0wers

    Incel anger and the future of incels

    I believe that incel anger and despair will fuel more incels to not only take their lives but others aswell. As statistics have shown male inceldom is only rising while foids seem to be staying the same in term of sexlessness. ( low ) . So now society has a group of disenfranchised lonely men...
  17. Intent

    [Serious] I think we should start doing events/raids for our amusement against womyn

    Something like making an article or convincing femoids to shave their heads to stand up against Incels that """""ugly""""" women can't get laid with their shaven head (of course they can), and it'd be absolute kek
  18. Intent

    [Serious] This man is the reason why Incels exist

    >In 1835, German chemist Justus von Liebig developed a process for applying a thin layer of metallic silver to one side of a pane of clear glass. >also known as a mirror >to see your reflection >to see how ugly you really are
  19. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Do you think this forum is being monitored at all?

    What with all the incel doing naughty things do you think the feds monitor this place or are even aware of it?
  20. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Anyone else post replies on low posts to make other incels feel good

    Maybe you've done it for me in which case thanks, I feel like I'm one of the more positive posters on this site?