1. Snowman888

    [Serious] Stefan Molyneux Talk About Incels

    Hes Right? You are raised by single mothers?...
  2. Mixedcel

    [News] Number of Men Under 30 Reporting No Sex Has Reached Record Highs

    "According to the survey, the portion of Americans between 18 and 29 reporting no sex in the last year has more than doubled in the last decade, leaping from 8 percent in 2008 up to 23 percent in 2018. Broken down by gender, the data also showed a significant and unprecedented divide between...
  3. Mixedcel

    [Serious] Have you "come out" as incel to anyone?

    I'm too afraid to come out. So many people nowadays bash incels and think all of us are some sort of psychopathic murderers. That's why I haven't come out yet as an incel to anyone. What about you?
  4. Snowman888

    [Serious] We are Fucked up For the rest of our life , right?

    It is a personal doubt that surrounds my head, what do you think? :blackpill::feelsugh:
  5. anon2719

    Translated A Japanese Video Making Fun Of Incels

    Tell me your thoughts, and if I should translate some more stuff....
  6. Eskimocel

    [Serious] [POLL] Do you care about other incels?

    So, do you care about other incels? Do you feel united or you dont?
  7. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Was going to try to avoid this place

    As a new year's resolution. Made it to 2nd January. It's over Did anyone else consider it?
  8. Soul_Synarchy

    [Experiment] Incels in the military

    How many Incels are veterans or currently serve? Or maybe members of your family or something? I see @jet112 is one. The military is a majority male institution so I'm thinking how prevelant it is among the people who post here. The mass media sort of makes conscripts look like incels, while...
  9. ColdPillow

    [LifeFuel] The Official Incel Minecraft Server (PC, Java) (CopeCraft)

    I made a survival Minecraft server for incels. If you want to join, pm me or reply with your Minecraft username and I will whitelist you. This is to prevent IT fags and trolls from ruining our fun.

    [Blackpill] Love isn't made for ethnics

    Alsalamualaikum. I wanted to remind all my ethnic fellows here that love isn't made for us. Love is made by and ONLY for white people. We never read in our history about love, just arrange marriage and concubines. Love is a foreign concept to us only discovered after contact with the whites...
  11. Veganbot

    [Blackpill] what if nothing will make us happy?

    girls,drugs,vidya,porn, it doesn't work anymore. even if i get a gf, or get better i hate when normies say that. i will never get happy neither will all of us. having a lump of hydrogen,oxegyn, nitrogen, and other trace elements, aka girls won't make anyone happy. why cant death just visit me...
  12. chudur-budur

    [Hypocrisy] The "Ratings Megathread" is the final proof that this place is teeming with fakecel larpers.

    I never go there (what is the point of that thread anyway?). Just saw today, people who are posting there, most of them are 100% fakecel larpers. They should be banned without any explanation. Even curries who post there are above average. WTF? Are those fags coming from lookism? Just look at...
  13. Intent

    [Serious] I think we should start doing events/raids for our amusement against womyn

    Something like making an article or convincing femoids to shave their heads to stand up against Incels that """""ugly""""" women can't get laid with their shaven head (of course they can), and it'd be absolute kek
  14. Intent

    [Serious] This man is the reason why Incels exist

    >In 1835, German chemist Justus von Liebig developed a process for applying a thin layer of metallic silver to one side of a pane of clear glass. >also known as a mirror >to see your reflection >to see how ugly you really are
  15. Intent

    [Serious] Just a reminder that Spirituality is the best cope

    >open your pineal gland >first off, you'll have a divine sense of awareness, you'll feel a deeper connection with the universe and nature >you'll activate your sixth sense, in which will grant you extrasensory perception (enhanced versions of your average five senses) >your third-eye chakra...
  16. Intent

    [NSFW] Every female youtuber's video regarding Incels In a nutshell

    >hey, girls and guys >today I'm going to explain why the Incel movement infringes my rights as a woman >further 15 minutes of tldw.mp4 >mentions patreon link in description >video ends, woman sucks off 4th boyfriend off camera
  17. L Lawliet

    [RageFuel] I hate who supports this sentences

    I hate who supports this sentences; "Past is past honey" "Nice guys finish last" We hear a lot of examples like this.(You can add if you want) Media is worshipping chads and stacies with movies,magazines,news etc.Y'all already know that.It makes problem in this century.Society started to...
  18. Intent

    [JFL] Incels are Jihadists confirmed by New Independent Article

    >Sexual deficit (and the notion of making up for lost time) is the fuel that powers these juggernauts. As Christopher Hitchens neatly put it, the problem for jihadists – and we can add incels – is “not so much that they desire virgins as that they are virgins.” (Elliot Rodger for one complained...
  19. Intent

    [SuicideFuel] Ellen K. Pao Wants INCELS To Be Fired From Their Workplace

    A Twitter verified nobody (unsurprisingly, female) indirectly suggests action should be taken against you if you identify as an Incel. Does she not realize you can't take action against an idea?