1. ReptileCell

    [Serious] If the internet did not exist, I would have roped by now 100%

    Literally the ONLY thing that gives me some sort of enjoyment, a tiny ray of hope, and allows me to explore a tiny part of the world from my computer, is the internet. Without it, I would have no friends (I have no friends irl, only on the internet), I get support from you guys on, and...
  2. lonelyistheworld

    [SuicideFuel] It's impossible not to be depressed.

    All I do is browse the internet all day.
  3. P

    Emergency Porn?

    Do you guys have emergency porn? My cousin told me a few weeks ago, and I quote: "Only psychopaths and rapists download porn in 2018!" So a few weeks go by and now he just called me up saying the internet was down at his house for the past 3 hours and he had nothing to do. He said he literally...