it's a joke

  1. seija

    [JFL] Who knew that Marc Lépine lived and became a chef? I'm proud of Marc...
  2. ChadTears555

    [SuicideFuel] Kid I went to school with became a gigachad rapper while I LDAR

    I went to middle school with him and he always had anxiety attacks and seemed borderline autistic. No hes a gigachad slayer and is a multi millionaire, while I LDAR 24/7 on an Incel forum. And yes it was the dude in the video, he had the same name. (I cannot post a link because my device does...
  3. I

    [News] OMFG I got approached by a girl.

    She just walked up to me just like that, out of the blue and gave me a flyer, she was running for postgraduate officer and gave me a speech trying to convince me to vote for her. ITS A JOKE INB4 WARNING AND BAN