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it's over

  1. Gengar

    [It's Over] I need help with killing myself

    The only thing I have is some dull knife. It can still get the job done though it will be very painful. I've decided to cut my neck but I don't know can I do it properly. I'm afraid if I cut the wrong part I will not be able to continue (I'm very tired). I'm also afraid that I will just cut the...
  2. seija

    [It's Over] [Suicidefuel] This Singaporean child prodigy mogs everyone here in literally every way. He even IQmogs, prettyboymaxxs and agemogs everyone here

    If you guys didn't know from the title of this thread, I just recently found that Ainan Celeste Cawley has the highest IQ in the world with an IQ of 263. He is a child prodigy that was born in Singapore, he was able to walk when he was only two weeks old and speak his first words when he was 6...
  3. seija

    [SuicideFuel] Had to tell my mother that I watch gore videos

    My friend got into an argument with his mother at one point and he blurted out and me and him watch gore videos and she told him that I had to either tell my mother that I watched gore videos or she was going to call my mother and say that I watched gore videos. I initially tried texting his...
  4. seija

    [LifeFuel] [It's Over] School is finally over for me, for now.

    I have no more exams and I get summer vacation, that means I can post here more frequently and stay up as long as I want. I'm also planning to graduate early because I personally dislike most of the students there, I just need to get a semester of Grade 12 done and that is it. I don't need a...
  5. Cashyfon

    [Blackpill] The 97% Pill

    There are over 7.7 billion people in this world, slightly less than half (let's say 3.84 billion) of which are foids. For this, we won't focus on the 40-42 million escorts and actual paid prostitutes, still leaving us with about 3.8 billion people. Of that 3.8 billion, 97% fulfill the almighty...
  6. f1rem0th

    [Based] 15 signs your boyfriend is a beta male

    He is shorter than 6'3" His chin : philtrum ratio is less than 2.5. He is sub 8 PSL facially. You can't cut bread on his jawline. His cheekbones aren't chiseled, giving him a V-shaped face. He is above 12% body fat. He doesn't have a 6 figure...
  7. starystulejarz

    [Experiment] How many illnesses/medical conditions do you have?

    I have: OCD (cleaning hands, obsessive overeating) Severe crippling social anxiety with too many physical and mental symptoms to count (i may be also autistic i can't connect and talk with normies and was always a reject and was a friend with rejects, my only hobby were playing games only...
  8. MSCW

    [Story] Welcome to this world David. I hope you would find many copes in your life

    I got a card from a dude I only saw a couple of times in my life. He wants I give money for his newborn kid. The problem, the father of the boy is... 58 years old!! The mother is in her early forties. I don't understand how you can be that selfish. The kid is doomed. When he would be a...
  9. morgenthau

    [Serious] Male/female ratio in Germany in the age-group of 18 to 24

    You may have noticed that a lot of Germancels are here, and this is the reason why: I translated it for you guys, second picture is the original one. The picture shows the male/female ratio in Germany in the age-group of 18 to 24 years (for both genders of course). Most important is the German...
  10. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Serious] Lads I think I made a mistake with my gymceling and it is really hurting

    Today was leg day, I was going to do the leg press train, but it had some chadlites looking to see what I was going to do, they had just used it and the equipment was about 160 kg (350 ibs) with weights, they were obviously looking to see if I was going to remove the weights they used, they were...
  11. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [It's Over] They won, it's over

    No matter what we do, no matter what truths we show to society, they won, and there is nothing we can do about it, I realized this yesterday. It occurred to me after a event on my work. When I was going to the bathroom a foid of my team was coming back down the hall, I immediately looked away...
  12. Asssymetricel

    [It's Over] This is the last time I say It's Over.

    Yes. It's over with femoids, relationship, kids, marriage, girlfriends and everything. I can't get a partner even if I want, so I'll just accept my celibacy. It's over, and done, I move on. I believe there is so much more to life than sex or a femoid. I stop dwelling on the thing I can't have &...
  13. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [It's Over] I'm going to lose my job because I'm ugly

    Conversations of foids saying that I do not know how to work with women, more and more ignored by my team, today I was handing some papers to the woman of human resources she was always educated and cheerful when talking with me, today she was totally serious and without education, they will get...
  14. EthnicelNL

    [LDAR] [Weebcels GTFIH] Jap tv series about an incel

    Now im not a weebcel but i used to watch anime/weebshit and listen to jpop in my younger years :lul: But even then I always liked this 12 episode japanese tv series called Densha Otoko. Check it out, its bluepilled soy, but every trucel will be able to relate in some way to the main character...
  15. S

    [SuicideFuel] Cruz's Manifesto. For anyone who wants to read it.

    Today is the day Today that it all begins The day of my massacre shall begin All the kids in school will run in fear and hide From the wrath of my power, they will know who I am I am nothing, I am no one My life is nothing and meaningless Everything that I hold dear I let go beyond your half...
  16. BrendioEEE

    [Blackpill] Things that are happening right now

    There's a Chad who's having sex with multiple women. One of your looksmatches would rather, and IS currently getting pissed on rather than being with you. Multiple girls are losing their purity/virginity by a guy who manipulated them for a pump and dump. There are more girls out there who would...
  17. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Serious] The blackpill allowed me to predict female behaviors

    With the knowledge acquired by the blackpill, female behavior is no longer an unexplained mystery, when you understand the nature of females through the blackpill it is clear what is their purpose and their position on various subjects. Like today for example in college, the teacher divided the...
  18. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Hypocrisy] Cucktears destroyed by logic

    This comment on the thread of eggman as female on tinder experiment, the experiment showed how much desperate men are now, they accepted their position as inferiors and will gladly have a relationship with a "woman" equivalent to eggy, proving the juggernaut law and showing that it's over for...
  19. Cleftcel

    [SuicideFuel] anyone ever use multiple mirrors to examine your face?

    Bathrrom mirror and a small handheld mirror. You can fool yourself with one mirror. Have fun seeing your true subhumanity friends
  20. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [SuicideFuel] After a week back on Tinder, I finally have a like

    After using some new pictures which I thought were good and using some boosts this is the like I got in a whole week