its over

  1. littlemanhikicel

    [It's Over] You will never be on a date, out with a foid. The hook up culture of smartphones is the path to do such things.

    Foids are fucking with diferent guys each week while whe are here roting and complainning. They usually go out using (((technology))) to socialice. If you are incel of course , you will NEVER be on a date or going out with group of ppl through a foid friend for example , because that...
  2. mcfroggy

    [It's Over] Looksmaxxing won't make up for a lifetime of trauma

    You'll just get manipulated by ppl because you're so used to getting absolutely nothing in life. Unless you can get to chad level you won't be able to casually fuck foids either. Fellow men won't respect you because they can tell your incel history through posture/manners/speech patterns/etc...
  3. littlemanhikicel

    [It's Over] It's very hard getting a job as an incel

    I'm searching for job and nothing. I ended my practices and since some weeks ago I'm visiting work centers and sending job request online and nothing. Even I search very basic jobs, but usually are for 30% disabled ppl. I hate disabled ppl srs unless is an incel , but srs what is supposed to do...
  4. littlemanhikicel

    [It's Over] Elliot Rodger never would ascended in the west due to have more asian traits than whites. It never began for him

    Foids always perceive him like an asian dude, happa it's only a word that explains his parental origins. In the eyes of foids he only was an asian manlet living in the west. His facial traits were more femenine than masculine. Those big red lips doens't looks good for subhuman. mongoloid eye...
  5. littlemanhikicel

    [RageFuel] China starts latest trial of long-lasting HIV vaccine

    China is getting cucked srs An HIV vaccine being developed by Chinese scientists will be given to 160 volunteers in a second-phase clinical trial, a medical scientist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention said on Monday. The candidate vaccine, DNA-rTV, relies on replication...
  6. kingturtle

    [SuicideFuel] Going to mall in suicide fuel

    So many young and beautiful foids, with short shorts and beautiful butts, so round and plump and soft. But I can only look, I can never dream of having any of those foids. It has caused in me so much frustration. And it is double frustration and pain to think of the chads who get to enjoy them...
  7. LilHappyLilSad

    İts over? (Lookmax comments)

    I send my pictures lookmax and they are said: What is your thinks... %100 over?
  8. littlemanhikicel

    [It's Over] Putin is jew and Russia is governed by the Jews

    I found this article and of course I know that putin was freemason. The shit that I don't knowed was that him were another one. Vladimir Putin the current leader of Russia was put into power by the Federation Of Jewish Organizations In Russia. The...
  9. littlemanhikicel

    [It's Over] I'm starting to feel the age problems

    I did some squats a while ago and I'm busted. I did a hundred squats and the truth is that before I could get stiff but these last ones that I did have really fucked my legs. Do you fucked up some part of your body doing some excercises? @LastGerman @HighTGymcel
  10. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Blackpill] The 5 stages of inceldom

    5 stages of inceldom: denial The bluepilled normie: Thinks the shit people tell him is real and beleves in confidence and hits the gym and clubs and thinks "girls" will like him if he trys hard enough. anger The stage of the blackpill rage: REEEEE it doesnt work chad gets the girls and doesnt...
  11. littlemanhikicel

    [It's Over] I just hear today a little foid talking to another one "he, he is just a friend" while walking on the street

    They must been 9,10 or 11yo and maybe was nothing related to sex... But who knows, foids are very early on sexual things nowadays.
  12. Snowman888

    [Serious] We are Fucked up For the rest of our life , right?

    It is a personal doubt that surrounds my head, what do you think? :blackpill::feelsugh:
  13. littlemanhikicel

    [It's Over] I can deal more with my inceldom that with the perception of others on me

    for example, when I interact with people and spend little time with them I know they know I am a virgin, it shows in things like using my name in diminutive, treating me as if I was silly or very soft. You know, the treatment differs a lot from that of the others. Its over, what I want most is...
  14. littlemanhikicel

    [Venting] Im planning to kill myself when I have 50yo

    I don't have the guts to killme right know, I think I dont have to be that selfish with myself even if my life is the most boring and dead end. But if I go ER I'll try to get off the most chads as possible. Think about it, even if chad go for his looksmatch , they are the "prototype of man" that...
  15. Nakuro

    [It's Over] ITS OVER FOR EEUU BABYCELS use traslator JFL
  16. D

    [It's Over] LMFAO Ricecels GTFIH I found asian Dante

    behold this absolute chang i found, looks so similar to Dante from the older dmc games, even the fucking hair is the same (the movie was actually released 3 years before the first dmc game so technically dante copied him) keep in mind that this was 20+ years ago when he is in his early...
  17. manlet cUnt

    [Blackpill] vanta blackpill pof experiment. 3/10 LANDWHALE SMV >>>>>>>>>>>>> 8/10 CHAD SMV

    cliffs: over for canacucks remember this hideous fucking waste of oxygen? yes, this cunt. i swear to BO2cel i wish i was making this shit up buddy friendos skip to the end to just see the results. the parametres were that they were done in the same city and same time frame and similar...
  18. SoyUnPerdedor

    [JFL] LOL I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID. Not even lions are safe from the blackpill

    Literally no lifeform can escape the blackpill Holy fucking shit it’s over for that lioncel, peep that niggas hairline. Wallahi it never began JFL if you’re a warm blooded lifeform