its over

  1. littlemanhikicel

    [It's Over] I just hear today a little foid talking to another one "he, he is just a friend" while walking on the street

    They must been 9,10 or 11yo and maybe was nothing related to sex... But who knows, foids are very early on sexual things nowadays.
  2. Snowman888

    [Serious] We are Fucked up For the rest of our life , right?

    It is a personal doubt that surrounds my head, what do you think? :blackpill::feelsugh:
  3. littlemanhikicel

    [It's Over] I can deal more with my inceldom that with the perception of others on me

    for example, when I interact with people and spend little time with them I know they know I am a virgin, it shows in things like using my name in diminutive, treating me as if I was silly or very soft. You know, the treatment differs a lot from that of the others. Its over, what I want most is...
  4. littlemanhikicel

    [Venting] Im planning to kill myself when I have 50yo

    I don't have the guts to killme right know, I think I dont have to be that selfish with myself even if my life is the most boring and dead end. But if I go ER I'll try to get off the most chads as possible. Think about it, even if chad go for his looksmatch , they are the "prototype of man" that...
  5. Nakuro

    [It's Over] ITS OVER FOR EEUU BABYCELS use traslator JFL
  6. D

    [It's Over] LMFAO Ricecels GTFIH I found asian Dante

    behold this absolute chang i found, looks so similar to Dante from the older dmc games, even the fucking hair is the same (the movie was actually released 3 years before the first dmc game so technically dante copied him) keep in mind that this was 20+ years ago when he is in his early...
  7. manlet cUnt

    [Blackpill] vanta blackpill pof experiment. 3/10 LANDWHALE SMV >>>>>>>>>>>>> 8/10 CHAD SMV

    cliffs: over for canacucks remember this hideous fucking waste of oxygen? yes, this cunt. i swear to BO2cel i wish i was making this shit up buddy friendos skip to the end to just see the results. the parametres were that they were done in the same city and same time frame and similar...
  8. SoyUnPerdedor

    [JFL] LOL I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID. Not even lions are safe from the blackpill

    Literally no lifeform can escape the blackpill Holy fucking shit it’s over for that lioncel, peep that niggas hairline. Wallahi it never began JFL if you’re a warm blooded lifeform
  9. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [It's Over] You know what is the worst thing in being ugly?

    You don't belong anywhere where a bit of happiness can be found: sunny parks? ---> No big malls? ---> Not a chance parties? ---> Kek seriously? marvelous trips to other countries? ---> Are you coping? nerd events, cause there must be people like us right? RIGHT? ---> No, it's all soycucks...
  10. EthnicelNL

    [Blackpill] Ascending is useless if you dont have a big dick (Virgin copers and dickcels GTFIH)

    Go on google and find "teen dildo masturbation" videos. Im serious. Now look at all the resulting videos. Mostly western teenage girls who are stuffing themselves with 9 and 10 inch megadildos and who can fully get it inside their pussy without any effort. Now those who believe there are still...
  11. Asssymetricel

    [It's Over] This is the last time I say It's Over.

    Yes. It's over with femoids, relationship, kids, marriage, girlfriends and everything. I can't get a partner even if I want, so I'll just accept my celibacy. It's over, and done, I move on. I believe there is so much more to life than sex or a femoid. I stop dwelling on the thing I can't have &...
  12. EthnicelNL

    [It's Over] Cuck considers suicide because his foid refuses to have sex with him

    This is cuckoldry on a new level tbh. :soy::soy::soy::soy:
  13. manlet cUnt

    [It's Over] take the sealpill

    you know its over when literally a seal has had more physical contact with the opposite gender than you have. jfl if youre not seaworldmaxxing as an aquatic mammal. LDAR if your whiskers arent at least 8" and LDAR if your blubber layer isnt at least 5" thick. just fucking cry :feelscry:
  14. EthnicelNL

    [SuicideFuel] (Movie) Lawrence of Arabia brutal JBWpill from 1962 (ETHNICS GTFIH)

    Just watched this classic movie for the first time. They might aswell call it Chad of Arabia. Its about this 10/10 blonde blue eyed British Chad constantly mogging every subhuman ethnic in the movie. He cant act, speaks like a sperging autist most of the time but still manages to survive and be...
  15. ChadTears555

    [Serious] Is it over for me? (GTFIH!)

    I'm 5'2", have a bad frame, have gyno, my dick is 3.5" when fully erect, I have a subhuman face, I also have autism and anxiety. However, I have hair! Do you think I still have a chance?

    [It's Over] [JFL] its over for fetuscels

    if you didnt get attention when you where in the womb (belly pictures, family members touching your mothers belly, xray pictures, nameless, no "its a boy" party, your mother petting her belly, belly conversations) im afraid you missed out on one of the most important stages of your youth. Its...
  17. ChadTears555

    [JFL] Does anyone actually wear this shit?

    JFL if you do. You're just ASKING to be bullied.
  18. ChadTears555

    [It's Over] My penis is disgusting

    It's 4" when fully erect and it's circumsised. I'm also 5'3" and have a horrible frame and subhuman face. I also have severe anxiety and autism. My life is a fucking joke tbh
  19. ChadTears555

    [RageFuel] Roastie says she wants a cuck boyfriend and SHAMES men with small penises!

    My device has no copy & paste feature. Here is a screenshot, just search the video. [JFL] @ these comments [It's Over]