1. BigGhey

    [Blackpill] JBW hierarchy

    JBW does not mean, all whites are fakecels far from it if that was the case why is weed and morgan lahaye considered saints among us if anything, it just means whites(most of the time) have a easier time in the sexual market however, even then, I believe there is a limit to JBW as well...
  2. F

    [LifeFuel] Lookism gaining traction where I live

    Bad news = Feminism is slowly on the rise in plan B They want divorce and for nobody to give a fuck about virginity anymore. Good news = Cuck levels haven’t reached peak meme evolution yet Translation: “There are guys who are loyal and serious, you just don’t notice them because they aren’t...
  3. Sparrow's Song

    [Serious] Legendary JBW Oldcel ascends in Cambodia

    One of my favorite news sources, 108morris108, was an incel until he was in his fucking 60s! Then he went to Cambodia and impregnated a fertile local... LifeFuel for Whitecels... SuicideFuel for Ricecels... Subscribe to his channel though, he's anti Zionist.
  4. chudur-budur

    [TeeHee] Sandwhore likes to spread her legs to fart and piss in front of her white chad while making eye contact

    Ethnic sandwhores like to act like dogs in front of their white chads. @tehgymcel420 what is your thought on this?
  5. chudur-budur

    [TeeHee] Tinder isn't all bad :) My husband and I were married this past June, we met on Tinder 4 years ago!

    Looks like it's real. The image in the post. Just to add, the guy is white and the landwhale is the curry. @tehgymcel420
  6. EthnicelNL

    [Hypocrisy] Tried to quit smoking weed. Lasted 10 days. AddictCels GTFIH

    FML. I tried to quit smoking weed 31 december 2018. See my thread here. The last 10 days have been absolute misery. Between stressing about getting a job soon, worrying about my future and having constant episodes of feelings of guilt because how I wasted all these years, I was thinking about...
  7. rabitter

    [Blackpill] Most Searched Pornstars by Women

    Pornhub released their annual analytics. These are the most searched pornstars by women. Notice something?
  8. rabitter

    [Blackpill] Whitecels are right - no such as 'JBW'

    Coping whitecels like @StormlitAqua are right when they say that there's no such thing as JBW JBW does not exist. Instead, it is Must Be White. M B W B W
  9. rabitter

    [LifeFuel] JBWmaxxing in Hong Kong

  10. rabitter

    [SuicideFuel] Paraplegic has a girlfriend while we rot

    And yet brainlets like @RREEEEEEEEE continue to deny JBW. Find me ONE video or picture of a ricecel paraplegic with an attractive girlfriend. You can't, because this guy's rice-equivalent roped a long time ago. Repeat after me: J B W B W
  11. rabitter

    [Blackpill] Just go to the Philippines Bro!

  12. rabitter

    [Serious] Philippines is the Promised Land

    .... for whitecels YouTube is filled with hundreds of these couples. In real life this is even more prominent - tens of thousands of old whitecels fucking filipinas half their age. These aren't hookers either, but your average pinay. Lifefuel for whitecels, suicidefuel for the pinoycels...
  13. Guccicel


    Seriously, these racist Stormfrontcels and alt righters in general would be incel if it wasn’t for people on this site and Asian females giving them the go ahead to shit out a Hapa child into a racist white man/tiger mom environment. Everyone knows there’s something “off” about WMAF couples...
  14. EthnicelNL

    [SuicideFuel] (Movie) Lawrence of Arabia brutal JBWpill from 1962 (ETHNICS GTFIH)

    Just watched this classic movie for the first time. They might aswell call it Chad of Arabia. Its about this 10/10 blonde blue eyed British Chad constantly mogging every subhuman ethnic in the movie. He cant act, speaks like a sperging autist most of the time but still manages to survive and be...
  15. EthnicelNL

    [JFL] Just be Swedish ubermensch in SEA theory


    [Serious] Why you MUST eat Raisin Bran

    Hello and welcome. Today I shall present to you why you MUST eat Raisin Bran. 1. Most of the customers are MALE. 2. Most of the customers are wise oldcels who are mostly blackpilled due to experience with the ancient and modern thottery. 3. The largest consumer race-wise are blackcels who...
  17. Tallcel

    JBW may have some validity

    I was slow to admit this as a white guy, but I just saw this graph of interracial marriages in the US and whites mog everyone.
  18. masterwizard

    [JFL] JBW theory annihilated/BTFO by the expert academics of wikipedia

    As per the incel wikipedia edit/talk page 2018: So lets see, the evidence level wikipedia requires is 4 news sources that regularly cite wikipedia for their claims, if they even bother to cite anything for their claims at all. Lets investigate these sources: 1) Theweek.co.uk claims: There...
  19. EthnicelNL

    [SuicideFuel] Noodlewhore has whitedick sucking list exposed on FB (Ricecels GTFIH)

    Honestly...does this surprise anyone? Im guessing this noodlewhore isnt even an adult yet but already she so desperately wants to suck and fuck white cock. Its in her genes. How can you even cope as a ricecel? :lul::lul::lul::feelsrope: