1. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Blackpill] Game of thrones is only about looks.

    Thats the reason this show is so successful because it shows society a mirror and thats what people whant to see. But the hypocrisy is people aknowledge the blackpill in the media all the time but never in reallife.
  2. Gengar

    Do you hate Jews?

    I have seen some people who may be considered anti-Semite. I personally am not anti-Semite but for those of you that are, I'm interested into hearing why do you hate Jews? do you hate all Jews? are you a Nazi? do you think Holocoust happened? do you think Jews control the media? what do you...
  3. C

    [JFL] Jews triggered Top kek at this trololol. Was this one of you boyos?
  4. Limerencel

    [Anonymous Poll] Are you Jewish?

    I am curious to see what percentage of users here are Jewish. I suspect Jews are affected by inceldom as well. Some of the hatred against Jews here is just memes, but some of it is real :forcedsmile:.
  5. AK74

    [RageFuel] One of the biggest rage fuels you will ever see Absolutely pathetic, as if it's an accomplishment to be a piece of shit and try to "embarrass" and "strip a male of his masculinity" by ordering for him when in reality you will just make the situation awkward "Girls...