1. L

    [Based] Bobby Fischer >>>>>

  2. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Serious] Stop the jewthreads

    Stop those "i hate cucks here are pictures and videos of cuck porn" "i hate trannys dont go to r/trannyswithbigdongs" "omg look at this fag talking about fag shit" "here just a picture of a big fucking 12 inch cock! Its over" threads. Stop this subconscious jew propaganda. There are vulnerable...
  3. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Soy] The Big Bang Theorie is jewish propaganda

    Just look at "The Big Bang Theorie", there you have the 4 types of people jews want you to feel good about: First the manlett: Leonard is a whiteknight manlett with glasses, nothing more to say he symbolizes the soycuck. Next the ethnic: Rajesh is member of the most undesired mass migrating...
  4. Ugly_equals_Death

    [Serious] Soon there will be ads for ugly males which will look like this:

    I think it deservs it own thread. Just replace pet with "son", i dont know why i am thinking that some elite ethnoreligious group is behind this.
  5. iblamemyself

    [News] German dyke chancellor Angela Merkel to be replaced with...

    another giga dyke! Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer wil be the new leader of the CDU, the Christian Democraitc Union (lol). Where is Cuckmany heading with their woman leaders? Tbh, she is not as bad as Cuckmela Merkel but only time will tell how much she will suck. Angela Merkel (on the right)...
  6. R

    wasting my parents money on vidya

    my dad gave me like $400 and said to use it on textbooks before I started this semester. well I got all my textbooks online so I just bought blazblue cross tag battle for fucking $65 CAD on steam. I have also not been spending any money on groceries because I’m saving up for an arcade stick to...
  7. Chadani

    [Soy] cucktears hall of fame megathread

    hopefully one day i can see my name here kek. congratulations on becoming famous boyos @jet112 oh sweet summer child... @Total Imbecile good man. @Crustaciouse
  8. Limerencel

    [Anonymous Poll] Are you Jewish?

    I am curious to see what percentage of users here are Jewish. I suspect Jews are affected by inceldom as well. Some of the hatred against Jews here is just memes, but some of it is real :forcedsmile:.
  9. iblamemyself

    [SuicideFuel] [JFC] Wages and cost of living in my area

    Fucking ridiculous. Look at that: (monthly figures in € unless stated otherwise) Average income (net, no uni degree) 1100 - 1500 Average income (net, uni degree) 1700 - 2200 Health insurance (already covered in wage unless self employed) 200 - 400 Taxes for profits (only for self employed...