1. F

    [JFL] The Life of an Incel-in-Denial (Live-Action)

    Warning: NSFW, Soy Imagine being the baldcel. You finally work up the courage to do some aggressive cold approaching after taking a break from incel forums. You decide to try out some retarded PUA tricks and get the she-harpy treatment in return while the foid is all smiling and shit to the...
  2. seija

    [Media] I'm currently watch a Tim Pool video about the #MeToo movement

    Tim Pool just uploaded a new video and I'm currently watching it right now. This video involves the #MeToo movement and how it is starting to backfire on women, men are currently starting to sue women for defamation because of this movement. The #MeToo movement has started to backfire. The...
  3. seija

    [Experiment] I'm going to do an experiment involving IncelTears, will this cause me to get banned?

    I found a certain reply within the post that has inspired me to start this. https://incels.co/threads/if-i-was-to-walk-up-to-inceltears-hat-in-hand-and-ask-for-their-advice-on-how-to-be-happy-would-that-be-cause-for-my-expulsion-from-incels-co.124503 I'm planning to ask IT to see if they have...
  4. seija

    [Meme] [Soy] [JFL] Post the cringiest soyboy videos you can find

    I'll start.
  5. seija

    [JFL] IT just gave me an idea because they're hiring people to be mods on their subreddit.

    We would apply for moderator position and give our "reasons" (Fake bullshit about how much we hate incels). Once a few of us applies and gets accepted into the moderator position we start to fuck their shit up. We start to delete everything, tinker around their subreddit, add a few things...
  6. seija

    [Venting] [RageFuel] Stupid fucking foid catcalls every guy on the street

    While I was walking from school with a friend, who always rides on his ribstick. Suddenly a black car slowed down and some foid sticked her head out of the window and said to my friend, "Hey kid with the ribstick, give me your number!" She avoided me and never asked me for my number because I...
  7. littlemanhikicel

    [JFL] JFL at iOi's. I remember red pill forums saying: "if a girl touch her hair she likes you" :feelskek:

    title. And all the ioi's are cope. that ioi is the most moronic, because usually foids have long hair , it is some kind of toc that foids have.
  8. jerrycan dan

    [JFL] It's over if you're not geodudemaxxing in 2019

  9. littlemanhikicel

    [RageFuel] All the ads that shows a "man" single or in relashionship are tall dudes

    No wonder why foids are desperate to catch a tall boyfriend. And very funny here in spain the ppl is not that tall either.
  10. Gengar

    [Experiment] An idea on how to troll IT

    I've got an idea. Someone should go on IT and argue with cucks by posting blackpilled Qur'an quotes and quotes from other Holy Texts of Islam to see how CuckTears react. Would be fun to see ngl, and tbh I'd do it but am too lazy.
  11. turbocuckcel_7000

    [It's Over] The trend of nerds self-destructing like "kamikaze" with highly-demanding creative projects

    I've noticed this trend lately where nerdy guys who have some basic know-how about computers, coding, etc, will decide that their time is better spent not focusing on leisure, copes, making money or getting rejected by girls, but on embarking on some kind of massive digital creative project...
  12. ArtoriasWolf

    Incels are hated more than terrorists

  13. Gengar

    [Blackpill] So you think foids live on "just exist" mode?

    JFL stop coping. Ever heard of hentai? Yep, they don't even have to exist and they'll be worshiped because majority of males are cucks.
  14. Nakuro


    https://rpp.pe/mundo/estados-unidos/eeuu-polemica-por-la-instalacion-de-buzones-para-abandonar-recien-nacidos-noticia-1182415?fbclid=IwAR2pSdEf-lXdFAU_MeBuJROZMEqOMjMZRjdjidqprPJvwQ7n4JQKajQAuRk use traslator JFL
  15. Gengar

    [Hypocrisy] "Am I ugly?"

    Remembered one old video... JFL :feelsseriously:
  16. Gengar

    [Hypocrisy] (((Fakeup)))

    You're not supposed to know who is this.
  17. Ritalincel

    [RageFuel] > "THIS GUY"

    I haven’t got anything witty to say, just fuck this guy with a cactussubmitted 16 hours ago by DOC360noscope
  18. Ritalincel

    [RageFuel] > "THESE GUYS"

  19. Ritalincel

    /r/Drama infiltrators kindly fuck off

    Recently there’s been an influx of sockpuppet accounts from /r/drama posting stuff from braincels and incels to their sub. Worse, still, they’re using our fucking memes like “it’s over for currycels.” No doubt some of them are IT numales and trannies that pretend to be on our side. Watch out...