1. seija

    [JFL] Look at this shitty MGTOW animation

    What is this shit? Basically its some shitty propaganda involving MGTOW and the animation is complete fucking shit, it has unrealistic fucking characters and everything. Holy shit that fucking thumbnail it makes me fucking laugh.
  2. gymletethnicel

    [It's Over] Tore my bicep after new PR.

    Finally hit 165kg DL and tore my bicep in the process. Jfl, it's truly over. Don't gymcel guys, I am ready to accept the true LDAR lifestyle and become a weak fatty. Should I go back after surgery or say fuck it and become a manlet framelet? Fuck you redpillers.
  3. seija

    [JFL] [Soy] Roastie who works at NASA cannot tolerate a joke

    Basically some guy on a dating app asked her out because they had a match, when she mentioned that she worked at NASA he made a joke saying that he was the receptionist. He even said that it was cool even before they interacted with one another and was going to mention to his parents about it...
  4. seija

    [JFL] Reminder that women have literally no response when the truth hits them so they have to say this.

    This is because they literally have no counterargument or response as an attempt to prove the truth wrong so they threaten to show us to the soy cucks of plebbit and attack us, it is literally fucking sad when they don't know how to defend themselves & their own points.
  5. seija

    [JFL] [Soy] Another IncelQueers LARP Story

    I honestly don't believe this ricecel's story one fucking bit. Even if it was true he is now being cucked by his wife and she probably fucks Chang on the side.
  6. seija

    [JFL] The soy has taken over the forum

    Probably going to change my avi now.
  7. gymletethnicel

    [JFL] This is what awaits you if you ascend.

    Found on MCTOW. It would be an understatement to say that it is over. Stay away from these females if you do not want to end up in jail.
  8. littlemanhikicel

    [JFL] Even Belle delphine is surprised of her cucks

    It seems that her bath water sold out and even she doens't expect that :lul: of course this happened before the cuck that got intoxicated by her bath water
  9. littlemanhikicel

    [JFL] Incels: 178 - Cucks 1081

    "B-b-but I have a life, I orbit wahmen and don't expect seex for them" :soy: :feels:
  10. littlemanhikicel

    [JFL] guests: 447 at a sunday in the morning

    Looks like we have 447 :soy: looking for material for more karma points:feelskek: (447 before I take the pic.)
  11. seija

    [Based] Just took a piss.

    Only men of culture piss in bottles.
  12. seija


    This is self-explanatory, replace men with Chad.
  13. seija

    [JFL] "Women who dated an inkel, tell your story!!!!"

    :soy: :soy: :soy: :soy: :soy: :soy: :soy: :soy: How much money do you want to bet half of these stories are LARPs? The fucking comments on the youtube video are absolutely hilarious.
  14. seija

    [JFL] [Soy] IncelQueers sees a 4chan post as fact

    My god they're dumb, don't they know 4chan has this warning in certain imageboards? "The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact." JFL, look at the comments in the post for more hilarity.
  15. Gengar

    [JFL] Did [JFL] tag disappear and then returned?

    I swear [JFL] tag wasn't available last time I opened a thread (for Offtopic, Idk about Inceldom Discussion). Did I just imagine that or was it really gone and then it came back?
  16. seija

    [JFL] Who knew that Marc Lépine lived and became a chef?

    https://www.algonquincollege.com/hospitalityandtourism/news/renowned-chef-marc-lepine-brings-culinary-students-into-his-element/ https://ottawacitizen.com/entertainment/local-arts/in-his-new-cookbook-ottawa-star-chef-marc-lepine-reveals-atelier-restaurants-story-and-secrets I'm proud of Marc...
  17. seija

    [JFL] Foid talks about Elliot Rodger

    She also gives her own situation at the beginning of the video. Bitch you seriously need to get to the point, people are here to hear about Elliot Rodger not for your sob story. JFL at her opinion on Elliot and she deserved to be stalked.
  18. F

    [JFL] The Life of an Incel-in-Denial (Live-Action)

    Warning: NSFW, Soy Imagine being the baldcel. You finally work up the courage to do some aggressive cold approaching after taking a break from incel forums. You decide to try out some retarded PUA tricks and get the she-harpy treatment in return while the foid is all smiling and shit to the...
  19. seija

    [Media] I'm currently watch a Tim Pool video about the #MeToo movement

    Tim Pool just uploaded a new video and I'm currently watching it right now. This video involves the #MeToo movement and how it is starting to backfire on women, men are currently starting to sue women for defamation because of this movement. The #MeToo movement has started to backfire. The...
  20. seija

    [Experiment] I'm going to do an experiment involving IncelTears, will this cause me to get banned?

    I found a certain reply within the post that has inspired me to start this. https://incels.co/threads/if-i-was-to-walk-up-to-inceltears-hat-in-hand-and-ask-for-their-advice-on-how-to-be-happy-would-that-be-cause-for-my-expulsion-from-incels-co.124503 I'm planning to ask IT to see if they have...