1. FrustratedWhiteMale

    I'm Going To France With My Girlfriend (Vicariously)

    I am watching travel videos with my high end sex doll. Here are our advantages: No long lines No lost luggage No missing the flight No need to leave the house I can cuddle with her when watching the landmarks. No need to fasten the seatbelt when the plane takes off I save lots of money. A trip...
  2. lonelyistheworld

    [kekfuel] generation X

    They shit on millennials constantly and they think they are so cool. Yet what have they accomplished? This is their legacy. :feelskek: lmao at generation x.
  3. Ritalincel

    quick sand = slow death

  4. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] been gone a month

    Anything funny happen here in the past month?
  5. C

    [JFL] Jews triggered Top kek at this trololol. Was this one of you boyos?
  6. lonelyistheworld

    add a [kek fuel] option

    For funny stuff.:feelsgah:
  7. UnfortunatelyINCEL98

    [JFL] 1stAmendmentAuditorGetsAssaultedByFemoid

    allergic to cameras
  8. iblamemyself

    [Meme] "Open soy!"

    New phrase needed to open the mouth of the cave of wonders from "Aladdin"
  9. iblamemyself

    [JFL] People requesting IP bans

    I notice a funny trend on this board. People asking for IP bans in order to study or to be "protected from the black pill suifuel". Even people who are about to rope do. Why, so that their ghost cannot log into the account? What the hell is going on? Are we that addictive? Kek