1. Weed

    [Meme] Hey guys look at my avi

    Can I get laid with that belly button?
  2. N

    So high inhib, I paid a whore $400 and didn't fuck her

    Was talking to the whore for two months, I'm that scared she is law enforcement, but she isn't. Last weekend. More like a therapy session. :feelsautistic: 1) Took her out to an expensive dinner and movie 2) A few PDAs 3) Went to bed with her in her shitty apt, was fooling around, kissing and...
  3. T

    [Serious] I Don't Think That I Will Be Back

    I don't think that I will ever be coming back here, and that is because when I was out at the mall today I met a hot Asian girl with a nice ass and I got her number. So I am going to where this goes. So goodbye, and I hope that you all get laid soon.