1. seija

    [Media] Who wants to bet this is a LARP?

    Bet this is made by an IncelQueers user who LARPed and made this video.
  2. Gengar

    [LDAR] This thread is r/IncelTears

    Let's have a fun. Post as if this thread were r/Cuckold... uhm I mean r/IncelTears. Also don't forget to end sarcastic posts with "/soy" to make sure everyone gets you don't really mean it xD. Oopsie, I have to go now, Mr. Tyrone came to fix the plumbs (my wife helps him, checkmate stupid...
  3. EthnicelNL

    [It's Over] [Ban LARPers] Only Normies/Chadlites here talk about "Ascending"

    Stop fucking coping. I see another thread about ascension and you boyos need to realise that a TRUE incel can NEVER ASCEND. If anyone here "ascends", it means you never were really incel. Just an ungrateful normie/chadlite that thinks the fact he cannot be gigaChad means he is also LE INCEL...
  4. chudur-budur

    [JFL] Just shrimpmaxx bro

    Just look at this 4chan LARP. Well, actually not sure if this is some kind of a troll or a serious post. :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek:
  5. chudur-budur

    [JFL] TRP: Be a manlet chinless jewcurry, show up early, act like you belong and shag 9/10 supermodels in NYC

    JFL @ this LARP, /r/TheRedPill (TRP) is like a LARP mine. The jewcurry was kind enough to provide us with his secret formula to shag a supermodel: Btw, this is the alleged manlet-recssed-chin-jewcurry-TRPer-photographycel who shags 9/10 supermodels on a daily basis...
  6. lonelyistheworld

    [Experiment] normalfag larping thread

    *goes through your post history* Yikes! You post on r/incels and you're a literal fucking nazi. Your argument is invalid.
  7. Cleftcel

    [Serious] How well can you LARP as a normie in real life?

    If I'm meeting new ppl, it takes only days before they can tell im a social retard and therefore a virgin I seriously wonder how well they can spot us, like gaydar but for virgins


    fucking hell. One of my favourite posters turned out to be a Slayer with nearly 300 matches on a span of 4-5 days. You make incels look like a joke tellem, this is what IT thinks we are slayers in denial. Fuck the system. I though you were a brother but no fuck me. Thanks for reading LIVE...
  9. lonelyistheworld

    [Meme] normie larping thread

    Yall up for some Fortnite?
  10. FACEandLMS

    [RageFuel] The mentalcels here trigger me so much

    Not the diagnosed aspies like @Twisted or @Enigmatic93 (@Enigmatic ?) who are genuinely disadvantaged (the latter has looks and mental disadvantages), but the self-diagnosed 5+ guys. I won't put him on blast cuz I don't hate him, I am just angry at my situation but I got a PM from a 6.5-7/10...
  11. T

    [Serious] I Don't Think That I Will Be Back

    I don't think that I will ever be coming back here, and that is because when I was out at the mall today I met a hot Asian girl with a nice ass and I got her number. So I am going to where this goes. So goodbye, and I hope that you all get laid soon.