1. seija

    [Cope] It's comfy postmaxxing in bed

    I don't know why it's comfy to postmaxx while lying down in bed but it simply is. Its even better when you don't truly feel tired, well not really tbh. But LDARing while postmaxxing is still good shit regardless.
  2. Blacktarpill

    [LifeFuel] My new LDAR chair thing

    I had 2 office chairs and wanted to lay down when i was browsing the forum Made this perfect ldar chair, it has extra soft fabric underneath and a pillow. pics,
  3. LilHappyLilSad

    I don't want to go out

    My family forcing me. I hate society. When i go out i always see beautiful girls, chads... people outside are very happy and have lovers. I do not know what to do...
  4. mcfroggy

    [LDAR] Badluckcel

    Anyone else just have shit luck. I'm not only talking about being born into a shit family with shit genes. I'm talking about all your maxxing efforts failing or backfiring. I tried fixing my acne but the drying ointments gave me really bad premature wrinkles. Tried working out but fucked up my...
  5. seija

    [LDAR] Going to LDAR and take a nap for a few hours

    I don't have to motivation to do much and I'm already tired, I'm going to take a nap for a few hours while listening to some calming music. I have no idea if I'll be up at 2AM in the morning or something but good night all of you.
  6. seija

    [SuicideFuel] I was just listening to music and the feeling came again.

    Im currently LDARing in bed listening to sone music, specifically Mother 3 tracks and I close my eyes and I start imagining my waifu again. This time its like a slideshow of how we first met, confessing our love for each other, having fun, snuggling in bed, having kids, getting married, me...
  7. seija

    [SuicideFuel] I was just LDARing listening to music

    I was listening to some sad, depressing music when I started to visualize my waifu in my head cuddling and snuggling with me in bed. I also started to imagine her voice telling me that I'm loved and always been loved while hugging me. I unironically started to cry quietly because knowing that...
  8. Ugly_equals_Death

    [LDAR] LDAR is the natural reaction to Inceldom

    If you think working your ass of will give you anything without a loving wife family and kids youre coping hard. The worst part is imagine working your ass off and seing people getting promoted because of looks or coworkers "fall in love" :feelsseriously:. LDAR is the answer. I mean if you high...
  9. BitterCel

    [LDAR] Good LDAR incel music?

    Post any good songs you guys have with relatable lyrics. I've been running out of good artists to listen to lately and music is one of my biggest copes
  10. Ritalincel

    [SuicideFuel] Femslime calling out baldcels on "hatfishing"

    Hatfishing [SUIFUEL FOR BALDCELS] Thread starterfobos Start date46 minutes ago TagsNone Watch fobos Ascend or die JoinedJan 28, 2019Messages1,952 46 minutes ago Add bookmark #1 https://www.thethings.com/hatfishing-thing-15-photos/ brb ending my life Reactions:You, ZyzzReincarnate...
  11. Ritalincel

    [Blackpill] holy shit Jordan Peterson is a massive cuck!!!

    [JFL] Jordan Peterson's Daughter Thread starterCupOfCoffee Start dateYesterday at 2:38 PM TagsNone Jump to newWatch CupOfCoffee ابو منخار JoinedNov 12, 2018Messages2,507 Yesterday at 2:38 PM Add bookmark #1 Even the father figure of the Redpill community couldn't successfully raise his...
  12. Ritalincel

    [Blackpill] Going down on a foid, or "eating ass" (or even mere willingness to do so) is unforgivably cucked tbh

    [Serious] tie a noose around your scrawny neck and jump off a balcony if you eat the pussy Thread startermanlet cUnt Start date54 minutes ago TagsNone Jump to newWatch manlet cUnt chronic shitposter JoinedJan 19, 2019Messages470 54 minutes ago New Add bookmark #1 End it right now you low t...
  13. ScornedStoic

    [Serious] I haven't showered in 2 nights

    I usually shower every night, I rarely go this long. My hair starts to get too itchy and my skin too oily, I don't know how showerlesscels do it. I could handle it maybe if I was NEET and could NEETmaxx/cavemaxx.
  14. turbocuckcel_7000

    [It's Over] The trend of nerds self-destructing like "kamikaze" with highly-demanding creative projects

    I've noticed this trend lately where nerdy guys who have some basic know-how about computers, coding, etc, will decide that their time is better spent not focusing on leisure, copes, making money or getting rejected by girls, but on embarking on some kind of massive digital creative project...
  15. Ritalincel

    [NSFW] worket dies

  16. chudur-budur

    [LDAR] This TRPcel is LDARing hard and he thinks he is a "Lone Wolf"

    JFL @ his cope, LMAO. A social reject staying in his room all day thinks he is into something. He is a "Lone Wolf". :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek: A typical "Lone Wolf" contemplating on his "abundance mentality" in a natural setting. That whole sub has a...
  17. Ritalincel

    [NSFW] Revenge of the cuck...

    https://redd.it/ak5s07 mirror: gfycat
  18. Ritalincel

    /r/Drama infiltrators kindly fuck off

    Recently there’s been an influx of sockpuppet accounts from /r/drama posting stuff from braincels and incels to their sub. Worse, still, they’re using our fucking memes like “it’s over for currycels.” No doubt some of them are IT numales and trannies that pretend to be on our side. Watch out...
  19. Ritalincel

    [News] fireworks outside alrsdy

    @manlet cUnt
  20. Ritalincel

    JFL at reddit neeks using memes sourced from R9k as "proof" of them being "chad"

    forced meme by R9k beta orbiter tranny enabler numale cucks