life fuel

  1. gymletethnicel

    [LifeFuel] Woman who mocked short guys in this and other videos dies in escooter accident

    Rest in piss filthy roastie
  2. Eskimocel

    [Blackpill] [LifeFuel] Blackpilled replies on a reddit dating post.

    Post in question regarding the blackpilled comments. Just exist mode showing how easy they find BF's thinking it works for others Proof 6/10 gets laid and calls himself average(shows delusion) HUGE BLACKPILLS: Sneaky bluepiller got disproved in the comments anyways: Fucking lold...
  3. BlackPilledKira

    [LifeFuel] Fat mexican defeats 6'6 shredded giga tyrone in boxing

    Fucking LOL this is proof that height and frame are bullshit and just for show Manlets rejoice.
  4. Blacktarpill

    [LifeFuel] Ikillcucks is ALIVE

    Omegalol, hes alive omfg. Thats LIFEFUEL. We missed you, general. Dont leave us again please. @iKillCucks
  5. OccidentalRebel

    [LifeFuel] Female Suicide Rate Is Rising

    :lul::D:p In both the states and Canada the suicide rates of women are absolutely soaring, starting to...
  6. manlet cUnt

    [LifeFuel] [LDAR] [NSFW] model insta slut FHO dies in car crash (pics inside) ngl this put a wide smile on my face and gave me a solid chuckle. nothing makes me grin harder than seeing pics of hedonistic blonde holes getting BTFO'd. bitch looks like a barbie doll that got too close to fire...
  7. Bjrgaminggod

    [News] Hentai haven is dead

    its over for Animecels
  8. Ritalincel

    [NSFW] Life Fuel: Ass Twerking Bitch Dies

  9. Ritalincel

    [LifeFuel] America's Next Top Model star Jael Strauss dies age 34

    America's Next Top Model star Jael Strauss dies age 34.... two months after stage IV breast cancer diagnosis Star lost her battle with stage IV breast cancer, just two months after her diagnosis Her family said in a statement to TMZ: 'The one blessing was that we were able to show her how loved...
  10. Ritalincel

    [LifeFuel] tfw you remember how many cucks and hypergamousroasties roped when trump was elected

    Regardless of your own thoughts on trump - r/inceltears started in 2017, meaning that among the cucks that roped on the election night, there were would-be cucktears posters. Life Fuel...
  11. SnakeBarrier

    [LifeFuel] Any incel approved books that I should start reading?

    I'm also searching for any books on Philosophy or anything that makes me question life or society in general. Also looking for good manga series to read if thats a thing. I mostly don't have much books in my home and I personally want to start reading so I can learn and get some knowledge that...
  12. Weed

    [NSFW] Gore megathread

    Post gore material. No animal cruelty in this thread, please. Three Year Old Almost Drowns After His Floating Device Flips Backwards Fail dive into the water 3 Guys 1 Hammer Brutal beheading of a man with peeled off face Stupid spoiled chadlites having fun Biker flies towards the CCTV camera...
  13. MarriedAndLookin4Fun

    [NSFW] I can spray blood out of my ass (proof included)

    So there's some kind of blister or pimple thing on my right asscheek. I'm suspecting it's just a popped vein or capillary as there is an accumulation of blood down there, plus it's also purple-dark blue in color so it's definitely blood down there. Whenever I empty that sack it refills like an...
  14. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] I do my best to avoid all social situations

    My hatred of the normalscum has completely overcome my loneliness. I no longer want any relationships. Now I just try my best at avoiding all social situations. Isolating yourself is the healthiest course of action for a incel to take.
  15. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] video games are better than real life

    :soy: -"Stop playing video games. Video games are for MANCHILDREN. Get out there, MAN UP and SACRIFICE yourself for a single mother you fucking incels." Title says it all. Video games are the best cope. That's why cucks hate them. Because video games are better than being a slave to a cunt.
  16. Genecel

    [Story] I thought she would be different, but she likes CHANG

    We were in our maths tut and this girl took out her laptop and I saw that she covered a webcam and that "sturred a conversation in our group" she ended up roasting herself by arguing why someone would spy on her since she's "ugly". She point blank roasted herself and called herself ugly, nearby...
  17. E

    [LifeFuel] Inceldom will die in a few generations

    Rejoice, fellow Cels, for we may be doomed, but later generations won't be! Let me explain. In the past, feminists have held power over men in one way, SEX. Beta male providers dated cheating feminist banshees because they couldn't get sex anywhere else. A realistic sex bot known as [NSFW]...
  18. BlkPillPres

    [Blackpill] Inceldom Is Actually A Blessing In Disguise (If You Let It Be)

    Made this thread to respond to a specific post that I thinks need to be addressed because it reflects the general mindset of a lot of the incels on this site (incels in general actually). Its a false mindset, you guys clearly haven't "studied" and interacted with normies enough to see whats...