1. seija

    [LifeFuel] It has been scientifically proven that every second that people do indeed die.

    Imagine the death of so many normalfags and even imagine the deaths of many foids that occur every second, that honestly is enough lifefuel to keep me from ropeing.
  2. seija

    [LifeFuel] [Based] [Cope] NEET Anthem for NEETcels

  3. sepelion

    What Arranged Marriage to an Incel Looks Like

    She's thinking of all of that cock she should be riding, but tonight she has to look at that face, ride that rice cock, and reproduce with his subhuman genes. We can't take women's rights away fast enough.
  4. Mixedcel

    [LifeFuel] If 99% of women in the world rejected you, that means that 37 500 000 women still wouldn't reject you!

    LifeFuel, my friends. LifeFuel. :feelslala:
  5. seija

    [LifeFuel] Just got 5k posts

    Now I just got to wait for the overlord rank to show up for me but I don't mind waiting a week unfortunately I'll have to start at one star again and become a starlet but I don't mind that either ngl. Once I hit 5.5k posts and get 5 stars I'll probably be able to keep the 5 stars for quite a...
  6. seija

    [LifeFuel] Just got a Saint Hamudi video recommended to me on YouTube

    Now thats lifefuel just by itself because he is one of my favourite blackpill youtubers.
  7. seija

    [LifeFuel] [It's Over] School is finally over for me, for now.

    I have no more exams and I get summer vacation, that means I can post here more frequently and stay up as long as I want. I'm also planning to graduate early because I personally dislike most of the students there, I just need to get a semester of Grade 12 done and that is it. I don't need a...
  8. seija

    [LifeFuel] Just got the Wizard Rank

    Wizard rank is pretty based and I've been waiting for almost a day for the rank to show. The rank is actually pretty cool ngl mostly because of the name and I personally like the orange colouring of the rank. Unfortunately I'm a starlet again so I got to start posting, theres something oddly...
  9. B

    [LifeFuel] [Story] Stacey got dumped by chad boyfriend for the 2nd time in 3 months, is depressive now.

    Theres this 9/10 food that was in my school a few years ago. She has a shit load of beta orbiter faggots that she ignores because she needs Chad ofc. Theres this Chad I know that I'm actually pretty cool with since hes my weedman and we hang out smoking every now and then. Anyway, they were...
  10. B

    [LifeFuel] [Story] Ugly foids dreams and hopes crushed by based chad

    Theres a "girl" in my class (if you can even call it that) that had a gigantic crush on a Chad in my grade. She looks like my asshole after violent diarrhoea and if she was a man, she would be incel 100%. She basicially looks like a man, ngl. When I first came to that new grade, i thought she...
  11. take__the__dog_pill

    [LifeFuel] I managed to get an Endgame spoiler on the r/NoFap frontpage

    I wrote a generic soypilled post and then edited it to an Avengers Endgame spoiler.
  12. take__the__dog_pill

    [LifeFuel] I pretended to be an IT user and spoiled Avengers for them [Spoilers]

    I encourage you guys to spoil it for them too.
  13. KillerCel

    [Serious] The only way to solve the Incel problem realistically - The SpaceX/Tesla solution

    I have an idea: A group of Incels and FAs who have an engineering, computer science, medical, robotics background and STEM in general get together and start crowdfunding a project. This project has the goal of accelerating the progress towards creating the first android that would alleviate...
  14. B

    [Experiment] What was the biggest mogging youve ever witnessed/experienced?

    Ill start There was this one chad, competing with another chad for a 10/10 stacey They basicially tried to 1up eachother in every aspect. They both started working out super hardcore and trying their absolute hardest to get their grades to the max and their drivers licenses asap to impress that...
  15. ChadTears555

    [LifeFuel] Do you own a dakimakura?

    Do you own one? If so, how has it improved your life, and how do your parents feel about it.
  16. rabitter

    [LifeFuel] When Chad becomes bald

    As an incel, seeing a Chad slowly go bald is the most high-octane lifefuel out there
  17. rabitter

    [LifeFuel] Just Be Chinese in Africa Theory

    Potent lifefuel for ricecels. Suifuel for blackcels - imagine being cucked en masse by Asians... OVER) ^tfw your black waifu treats you like a KANG :feelskek: Uganda is worried about the number of Chinese men marrying their women “But we have many who are marrying and even producing…...
  18. rabitter

    [LifeFuel] TAX WARS: Incels vs. Roasties - Roasties getting ROASTED

    It's on, buddy boyos. And they're panicking: Never thought I'd say this - but thank God for the taxman :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek:
  19. ChadTears555

    [LifeFuel] omegel megathread!

    Not sure if This is considered advertising, but I thought Id post it anyway. Go on omegel and put your interest as "Incelsme" If you want.
  20. jerrycan dan

    [Story] Anti-NPC Aktion

    You ever have a bruh moment with a fellow real human being that has an inner monologue? I was waiting outside my lecture hall for an exam we were having. I was early, standing more or less in the corner of the area pepple were waiting at and I was surrounded by very few people. To begin with...