long ass neck

  1. Cleftcel

    I'm such a pussy for having never been banned

    Even on an incel forum i'm highinhib and follow the rules. Bannedcels are cool, I look up to them. I miss Tellem-T and Popbob
  2. Cleftcel

    [Serious] I thought the number of guests was declining...

    it was down to 800 now its back to a 1000 from the usual pre AM numbers of what like 300 guests?? They're just observing us, studying us. Should guests be disabled for a while or should they be allowed still as some incel guests might get blackpilled
  3. sorrowfulsad

    [JFL] Does height even matter as a giraffecel?

    So basically I am a skinny dude with a long ass neck and I am 185cm tall. In the following pictures you can see my shitty frame, long neck and wide face in comparison with an average dude I found on google. Sadly, with the recent amount of attention we have got I cant upload actual pictures so I...