1. Eskimocel

    [Blackpill] Your sisters life is the way your looksmatch is living.

    Some here have twin sisters(not entirely twin but there are alot of similarities). In my opinion this is the same as your looksmatch. Looksmatch would mean basically someone borderline identical to you in terms of looks, financial status, social status etc Look at the difference between YOU...
  2. Fufu

    [Venting] I really have no respect for my parents

    I've gotten messages telling me to respect my folks even on this damn site. I even got posted on that Cucktears forum by some despiseSOYrise guy, who titled it as if that post was about my family (it wasn't it was me expressing my distress over my sister relationship mogging me). But I can't do...
  3. Fufu

    [SuicideFuel] I hate my foidling and her Chad

    Fuck her and her white cock worshipping bullshit. Ever since she started mounting her Chad she's been rubbing her happiness in my face. Before she was quiet and disciplined but now she always smiling, calling and texting him, going out with him, ppaying vidya games with him, and of course...
  4. LostAllHope

    [Experiment] Post your looksmatch

    Post the pic of a girl that in your opinion matches your looks and that you'd be attracted enough to to be with. My looksmatch: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/uncyclopedia/images/e/e2/Ugly_girl.gif/revision/latest?cb=20070105155205 I'd rate her like a 3/10, could get to a 5/10 if she got...