1. Gengar

    [SuicideFuel] Take the suicidepill

    Bear in mind this is data from 2012. Just imagine the situation in the current year.
  2. Mixedcel

    What do you think about what this man is saying?

  3. Henry de Montherlant

    [Venting] The unfortunate situation of Humanities

    Girls are often pretending they are being restrained by toxic masculinity and patriarchy and "glass ceiling" and other things all the time. The fact is : it's mostly fictionnal. As we know girls are nowadays the most encouraged gender to pursue longer prestigious careers and higher diplomas...
  4. WithoutMe

    [It's Over] Male reproduction is a rigged game.

    The steps to securing reproduction as a male: 1. Make a lot of money. 2. Looksmax and Gymcel. 3. Meet as many people as possible a. Develop skills which are interesting and respectable. b. Learn how to carry and control a conversation. c. Network / make connections. 4. Attract a...
  5. L Lawliet

    Gender (In)Justice