1. BlackPilledKira

    [LifeFuel] Fat mexican defeats 6'6 shredded giga tyrone in boxing

    Fucking LOL this is proof that height and frame are bullshit and just for show Manlets rejoice.
  2. BlackPilledKira

    [JFL] Ugly manlet men in 3rd world countries are having sex like rabbits

    while you rot in your air conditioned room eating tendies and posting on obscure message boards for lonely men JFL at the west
  3. chudur-budur

    [JFL] Holy fucking fuckitty fuck, the legendary TRP self proclaimed alpha male GayLubeOil on national TV

    Damn, motherfuckers. I have found it, found it at last. A real life TRPer. The legendary self proclaimed alpha male, TRP postmaxxer, professional posture trainer who changed lives of countless currycels. None other than GayLubeOil (a.k.a. GLO) -- Full video (start at 4:05) -- To know...
  4. chudur-budur

    [JFL] The ultimate manlet coping strategy: The TRP way

    Just motherfucking LOL at this post. Read the replies, it's kek after kek in every fucking line, oh my fucking god, just read it. :lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::lul::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek: I can't breathe. What do you when a whore mocks you for your pathetic 5'5"...
  5. chudur-budur

    [JFL] Are you a brown male? Shut the fuck up and get over yourself. A guide by HerpesDragon

    The coping is off the chart in this post. Yup, you are right, it was made by a manlet curry. Curries will never learn. :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek:
  6. Stulejarz

    Joe cuck Rogan

    I always wondered how joe MANLET rogan found his wife and found the answer >be a manlet >finally, a woman wants to be with you >happy joeroganmode.exe >But there is one problem.......she has a kid.....with a black guy >"it is not a problem" :lul::lul::lul: >>cuckrogan raised that little "black...
  7. C

    [Blackpill] Manlet=failure in eyes of parents

    Imagine the anguish of raising a boy all the way from delicate infancy to adulthood and the byproduct be a manlet. All of the tender love and care, making sure your son is properly nourished, plays sports, making sure he succeeds in his classes, etc. Just to have all of that time, money and...
  8. NorthAfricanIncel

    [SuicideFuel] Suicidefuel for manlets

    Ethnic girls sure don’t care about being politically correct when it’s a tall guy that interviews them :feelskek: Manlets, watch at your own risk : They even avoid eye contact with the short nigga :f:
  9. Ritalincel

    [Experiment] If you were inexplicably granted 4 inches, where would you put them?

    Hypothetical: You are magically gifted 4 inches to allocate to anywhere on your body. However, you can pick no more than two places to allocate them to, so you can't make small adjustments to bones, etc. Pick one or two options; consider the 4 inches would be divided between the two areas.
  10. ChadTears555

    [Serious] Is it over for me? (GTFIH!)

    I'm 5'2", have a bad frame, have gyno, my dick is 3.5" when fully erect, I have a subhuman face, I also have autism and anxiety. However, I have hair! Do you think I still have a chance?
  11. chudur-budur

    [RageFuel] 6'2" tallfag humiliating manlets in public on /r/short, manlets GTFIH

    This piece of shit 6'2" tall fag is making fun of manlets: And this post got 13 votes. Just fucking look at the manlet cucks trying to play along with him: Redditors are pure disease.
  12. icantgetgirls

    [Experiment] Is My Friend a Manlet?

    I have a pretty cool friend on discord and we always play games and chill but he thinks hes tall, He is 5'8, I'm not entirely sure he is a manlet, anyone know if he is?
  13. Incellectual

    [Serious] who is the shortest manlet here?

    We need to figure this out!!!!
  14. Arentheal

    If lord Farquaad was average height +

    This would be the entire Shrek movie if Lord Farquaad was 5'10+ Shrek saves fiona, Fiona meets Lord Farquaad and they live happily ever after. Shrek gets to be the incel who is Fiona's "Friend"
  15. shortcel

    [Blackpill] Older you get , the less chances you have to interact with foids

    It hurts so much thinking about how I never got laid in college. In a desperate cope I thought “there are still foids out there. I can meet one at work or out in a bar or something”. Nope. When you are in college you are surrounded by young women who haven’t yet settled down. Once you are out...
  16. manlet cUnt

    [LifeFuel] FiveFourManlet GTFIH. you are not incel because of your height

    holy shit look at the two girls throughout this entire interview. they couldnt make it anymore obvious they both want his manlet roided dick @0:15 the chick on the right her eyes bulge out of her sockets for a moment and then proceeds to scan down and have a good stare at his rig @0:41 the...
  17. chudur-budur

    [JFL] Ricecel explaining the "short guy game" on /r/AsianMasculinity

    This deluded ricecel is coping really hard -- JFL at his Confucian cope: Btw, their mod is /u/TRPsubmitter, kek.
  18. MSCW

    [It's Over] Hey guys! I hold frame! 23m What's my lookmax potential ?

    5'1 5'fucking 1
  19. VisVoi

    [Blackpill] Height Blackpill #381

    This chart may inspire hope to fellow manlets, however there is one key fact you are forgetting. When women talk about "men", they are subconsciously only thinking about the top 20% of men. Although 69.1% of women who participated in the study said they would date a man who was 5'8, they...
  20. WarriorSkull

    [SuicideFuel] Is This Image Pure SuiFuel for Manlets?