1. Cleftcel

    (SuicideFuel or LifeFuel?)Staceys prefer geriatrics to incels

    I know this is a week or two old but I was wondering what people thought of Quincy Jones having 22 girlfriends all over the world at the ripe old age of 84. I look up to older dudes tbh Clooneys a suave muthafucka. Do any of you see yourselves being a late bloomer and running maturegame...
  2. Cleftcel

    Anyone else attracted to older women?

    I feel like women get better with age; more feminine, elegant etc or at least the currently generation of women over 40 are. Will the class of 2018 mature into these kind of women or are they the last bastion of elegance/feminity?. An older women in a dress with crossed legs does more for me...