1. LilHappyLilSad

    İts over? (Lookmax comments)

    I send my pictures lookmax and they are said: What is your thinks... %100 over?
  2. Hardworkingcel

    [LifeFuel] I'm going to lose my virginity this weekend with a hooker!

    That's right, folks. I made this decision because I'm tired of waiting. I'm in my early-20's living in South America and I want to know what sex is all about. It will not be cheap, I chose a very beautiful prostitute so I have no excuses when it comes to attractiveness. What does a pussy tastes...
  3. GreaserBug

    [Serious] Are there any other incels who’ve been sexual abuse victims?

    This might sound stupid to some of you guys but are there any incels who’ve been victims of sexual abuse or grooming? It’s something that affected me a ton and a main reason I’m a mentalcel and can’t form relationships properly at all.
  4. GreaserBug

    [Venting] Artist incel stories?

    Have anyone else had those experiences where a foid sees your art and thinks it's amazing, but then they just don't give a shit about you whatsoever as a person? I've had a lot of foids in high school do this with me and it makes me think they just want something out of me for having a positive...
  5. GreaserBug

    [Venting] Self Destructive Paranoia

    Is anyone battling with paranoia that ends of becoming a self fufilling prophecy in itself? Even though you try hard to ascend or find opportunity in what is available to you, you still fuck it up due to paranoias that keep you away from progress.
  6. GreaserBug

    [Serious] Have antidepressents made masturbation impossible

    I've been prescribed antis about three weeks ago, now masturbation is unbelievably painful. This was something I was never told about before taking them Is this common or happened to anyone else? I've not found any other accounts of something like this being reported.
  7. Henry de Montherlant

    [Serious] Of "High Tier" Incels

    A lot of people here are actually high tier, this has been seen several times through threads where pics were shared and impartially rated by other members. However, a lot of people then rejected them, telling them they were "fakecel", that they were only pretending, "not trying" enough, and...
  8. gambleaddictmntlcel

    [LifeFuel] Are there any mentalcels on here who had opportunities to have sex but their mental illness prevented them from going forth with it?

    There was only one time in my life where I actually had a chance to get rid of my virginity. This was almost 2 years ago. We were in her bed and she clearly wanted it. My chronic anxiety, paranoia and general stupidity kicked in and I got up because I had blue balls and masturbated in the corner...
  9. FACEandLMS

    [RageFuel] The mentalcels here trigger me so much

    Not the diagnosed aspies like @Twisted or @Enigmatic93 (@Enigmatic ?) who are genuinely disadvantaged (the latter has looks and mental disadvantages), but the self-diagnosed 5+ guys. I won't put him on blast cuz I don't hate him, I am just angry at my situation but I got a PM from a 6.5-7/10...
  10. I

    Mentalcel or truecel?

    How do you know if your a true incels? I'm a virgin at 20 years old. I have had windows opportuniity to get in a relationship with a few women during the course of my life. But i didn't find them attractive enough, and these girls are outsiders like my self. I have been going out with my friends...