1. randomcel92

    MGTOW are incels in denial

    prove me wrong
  2. iblamemyself

    [Story] What I've been doing while I was inactive on .me/ .is

    My oldschool incel buddies were probably wondering what I was doing. I'm feeling a bit bad about not saying goodbye, but I don't want to give away when I'm out of my apartment and where I am located instead. Eat a dick, (((FBI))). Ok. If you were really paying attention, you know that I've been...
  3. ERcell

    [Soy] MGTOW retired at 35 lives only on Soylent

  4. Henry de Montherlant

    [Hypocrisy] This girl wants an "advocado"

    Laughing my ass off at this ... Just wanted to share.
  5. chadlandic

    [Blackpill] The Wall Cope

    If you have been on any MGTOW page you probably heard about 'the wall' concept, many of us are blackpilled enough to know that, more than half of MGTOWs are incels in denial. The wall theory suggests that at a certain age a female's value drops beyond recovery and she is unwanted by most men...
  6. chudur-budur

    [Hypocrisy] The difference between homepage: chudur-budur vs. Mr. David Futrelle

    Mr. David Futrelle, a vanguard blogger of today's MRA movement, the torch bearer of justice and strong opponent of Trumpism (WTF the actual fuck Trumpism anyway?). This very experienced and (((prolific))) writer writes "About" himself on his blog -- "I've been writing on topics ranging from...
  7. lonelyistheworld

    MGTOW are low T and fake misogynist posers

    Most of them are in their thirties so they have lower testosterone and they don't care about sex. They also pretend to be misogynists but really aren't. Ask any of them if they hate women and they'll say something like "I don't hate women for being hypergamous whores, it's just their nature."...
  8. Jockcel

    [JFL] [LifeFuel] Another MGTOW joins our ranks

  9. F

    [News] Workcels (Esp STEMcels) who can listen to long podcasts at work: Armchair Revolutionary interviews me while I'm at the gym

    This was from a while back but I didn't promote it or mention it at all because I felt like I was cringey. Not AR, but me. AR got in contact with me and asked to do an interview. I was busy as always so postponed it for a week. When AR contacted me again to remind me that the interview would be...