1. Manletmancer

    [Media] Thoughts on Marilyn Manson?

    He's ugly by any standards, opposes mainstream culture, and has a song criticizing lookism (The Beautiful People). Is he the Michael Jackson for incels?
  2. BitterCel

    [LDAR] Good LDAR incel music?

    Post any good songs you guys have with relatable lyrics. I've been running out of good artists to listen to lately and music is one of my biggest copes
  3. rabitter

    [LifeFuel] Incel Music - Incelwave | I n c e l w a v e

    Move over fashwave, time for some #incelwave :musicfeels: And can some talentcel turn @Mainländer's songs into vaporwave incelwave?
  4. Cleftcel

    [Media] inb4 negative self-loathing valentines day posts

  5. Cleftcel

    [Media] nostalgiathread

  6. Blacktarpill

    [Media] Music rating Megathread

    There is a megathread for music but its not that interactive. In this thread, you should share music and you should post your opinions about other music which was posted in this thread. Try this: Its not working. I don't know why
  7. rabitter

    [LifeFuel] Imperial Japan & Soviet music

    Anyone else like listening to Imperial Japan and Soviet music?
  8. morgenthau

    This song sums up how the average foid thinks about sub-6'2"-men in 2018

    Short People by Randy Newman Just heard this song on the radio here in Germany. Newman says that this song was supposed to be satirical btw..
  9. Zesto

    [LifeFuel] Any Classic Rock Fans Here?

    Outside of J-Pop and K-Pop the only western music I like is classic rock. Here are my favorite bands and acts. Rod Stewart ( Van Halen (I think this is my very favorite out of all of them) Guns n Roses Deep Purple...

    Anyone here play an instrument?

    I have to say, playing an instrument is one of my most enjoyable copes, second to videogames. The experience I get trying to play along my J-Pop and J-Rock songs are just a blast. I play the bass so its kinda easy playing along and since I dont have a good speaker the songs come naturally...
  11. BlkPillPres

    [RageFuel] Incel Comic Relief Is A Norm In Media

    Its always been a part of TV shows and Movies, that unattractive guy who just can't get a girl to save his life, and the laugh track just goes on and on everytime he does or says something. Script usually involves him being made a fool of or being taken advantage of or pushed around. The most...
  12. chudur-budur

    [LifeFuel] A musical genre for truecels.

    Check this out boyos. We should adopt this musical genre. I must say this genre is only for truecels.
  13. Brak123

    [Media] do you know any songs that have a redpilled/blackpilled content?

    JØD x MEIDEN - It's Over
  14. Iamthesui

    What kinds of music do you listen to?

    I used to listen to classic rock, but as I got older I realized it was a coping mechanism because I would never experience the sex or parties that those songs often were about. Some songs I'm still good with like For What Its Worth, and Simple Man, which just sounds so good on acoustic. But...
  15. Ragellsaveus

    [LDAR] Depressive and melancholic music thread

    Post some of your favourites too, and hit me up if you want to create something similar! :feelsokman: I´ll make a playlist in the future with my full collection :feelsrope:
  16. excel

    [LifeFuel] Chill song - should be the incel anthem

    Lyrics are a little cuck like but who here hasn’t felt these emotions before getting blackpilled?
  17. lonelyistheworld

    [Soy] soyboy music

  18. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Serious] Who was the most chadiest band to ever existed?

    No, seriously, I'm really curious to know who might have been the band with the highest level of chadness, particularly I think Poison may have had the highest level in a band.
  19. Cleftcel

    [Media] Fuaawwk brah

    Anyone else like trance/zyzz. Fuaawk.