1. manlet cUnt

    [RageFuel] parents of roast beef who got killed by st.alek want to steal 3m shekels to start a foundation for violence against weemen ummmm..... whore? did anyone say your entitled to starting a foundation and steal peoples money? :feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::feelsree::woke::woke::woke::woke::woke: just look at her horrendous...
  2. Chadani

    [Soy] cucktears hall of fame megathread

    hopefully one day i can see my name here kek. congratulations on becoming famous boyos @jet112 oh sweet summer child... @Total Imbecile good man. @Crustaciouse
  3. C

    [SuicideFuel] new catfish video of ugly girl: shut it down its over!!!!!

    even 2/10 females want chad, she even did everything to please him
  4. blickpall

    PSA: Editing in a tag into your post will NOT notify the person you are tagging.

    In other words, if you make a post, then decide that you want to tag someone in it, and decide to do so by going through the edit function, the tag will NOT notify the person you intended. This is especially important when people are using tags to notify moderators of something - we aren't...