1. Mixedcel

    [Experiment] What's your NoFap record?

    What's the most days you've been on NoFap? Mine is exactly 50 days, achieved autumn 2015.
  2. Gengar

    [Experiment] Quitting porn and masturbation

    I have to try again. I hope I will endure this time for at least a month.
  3. Nordcel9588

    [Serious] NoFap works for me.

    I don't know about others, but from my personal experience, NoFap does work for me. While it can't fix my height, dick size and face, but it does help me mentally. When I'm on streaks I do generally feel happier. Have a better memory, better reflexes, no brain fog and headache. Can actually get...
  4. iblamemyself

    [Story] I discovered that there was cum on my shirt

    I sat down in front of my computer and got comfortable in my chair. I had my hands in front of my belly when I felt something sticky on my index finger. I recoiled in surprise. I looked down and there was a big spot on my shirt. I rubbed my index with my thumb and the substance was sticky. Oh...
  5. iblamemyself

    Nofap vs Yesfap; divide and conquer. Both are great.

    I see a lot of guys arguing about nofap. Some say it's great, some say it's cope. Personally, I don't fap. You would be hardpressed to find any used tissues or stiff socks in my bedroom. I do nofap for personal reasons, and I don't judge guys who do fap. Arguments about fapping would come up...
  6. BlkPillPres

    [Blackpill] The Next Logical Step From NoFap (No Fapping) is NoLib (No Libido = Chemical Castration)

    I've always said the next logical step from no fap, is chemical castration, that is the next level of incel suffering that @Hunter will usher in for him and his followers :feelskek: NoFap is good, but not good enough, only true patrons of NoFap can ascend to the power of NoLib (No Libido), now...
  7. FaceandHFD

    [Experiment] Official NoLurking thread. Leaving until further notice

    @Moustachcel already attempted this tbhtbh. I will probably log off for good by the end of the day tbhtbh. Try to focus on better copes. Change your title to "NoLurk since [date]" inb4 "@metal you autistic deformed" IF I LOG IN WITHIN THE FIRST MONTH I PROMISE TO CHOP MY DICK OFF TBHTBH.
  8. Ritalincel

    cuck cock cage

  9. Hunter

    [Serious] Semen Retention Knights Discussion Thread

    This is a new faction i created for anyone who does NoFap on this forum. The purpose is to defend and endorse NoFap and so that anyone who does NoFap can be indentified and identify others with this title. There is a hierarchy with 4 levels of authority in this faction: Level 1 - Knight (Semen...
  10. Jockcel

    [LifeFuel] My sexual dreams are top-notch

    I just woke up from an ultra-realistic sexual dream (not wet) that hit my biggest fetish (exhibitionism toward underage girls) in the head. It felt fucking awesome! Fapping to degeneracy doesn't even come close, doesn't feel near as real nor is as realistic and personal. It also prevents me from...
  11. chudur-budur

    [NSFW] O Faptain! My Faptain!!

    Greetings from a time traveling nofapper from the future.
  12. Wargreymon_Oz

    Muslimcels how did your ramadan go

    Post your fasting and fapping stories. I'll start im 29 for 29 unless I fuck up right now. Looking forward to bust this nut boyos.
  13. Raper

    My therapist advised NoFap™

    Raper: I don't have a girlfriend. :feelscry: Therapist: Do you masturbate, Raper? Raper: Yes. Therapist: Just do not masturbate. Raper: Mmm, okay. :feelscry:
  14. iblamemyself

    [Challenge] Anyone wanna join a nofap challenge?

    Just an idea I got spontaniously. Have already done good nofap streaks. Want to do it again. I'm aiming for the classic 90 day mark. Motivation? This time I simply want to challenge myself, that is all. I also want to take a long ass break from escortcelling because that is one expensive hobby...