1. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Venting] Being ugly is the same as been handicapped but no one will try to make things easier for you...

    It's actually the opposite, people are going to make things even worse for you, and this is what makes me really fucking angry, because those shitty normies, at least most of them, would not pass the leg on someone blind, take advantage of someone deaf, put obstacles in front of a person that...
  2. J

    [Blackpill] The science behind 'just shower bro'.

    Humans naturally secrete pheromones through their skin. People with better facial and body symmetry have unique pheromones distinct from our own. Normies identify symmetry with better odours. When they see our faces they subconsciously associate us with the smell of rot. The only way to change...
  3. iblamemyself

    [Soy] Power of normies: Fortnite developers made more money than entire nations

    More than 29 countries in 2018 to be exact. The developers earned 3 billion dollars in 2018, while their developer studio is now priced at 15 billion dollars. Old news, but in this world the most useless shit is literally worth more than entire nations. Fortnite is pure entertainment, gamers...
  4. BlkPillPres

    [Blackpill] Normies Lack The Introspection & Honesty Required To Realize Their "Core Motivations"

    This is something I would always ponder, especially when it comes to concepts where morality is the focus, I've come to the realization that most of the motivations that people think drive them are falsely understood, it is actually the inverse of that motivation that is driving them. The vieled...
  5. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Serious] Does normies know that this is all LARPING?

    Some of them really seems to believe this guys are for real, 90% of them are messaging this kind of shit and laughing with their friends
  6. manlet cUnt

    [Venting] i got into a fight today and i feel good about it

    normally i would do nothing like a pussy but today for one of the few instances in my life i stood up for myself. i play soccer on friday nights because its one of my few copes and i enjoy it. so this stocky goatfucker who mogs me into oblivion but is around my height was being a cunt as usual...
  7. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [RageFuel] Do you want to know one of the cruelest "advice" of the normies?

    15 years KHHDV - "Be patient, a girl sure will be interested in you in highschool." 18 years KHHDV - "After you leave highschool it's better, they look for more mature guys, be patient." 22 years KHDV - "Come on, man. You're in college, all you have to do is socialize and be patient." 25...
  8. ChadTears555

    [RageFuel] Why is is that this ALWAYS happens!?!

    Everytime someone says "I want to die" or something similar, a ton of normies and thots say "SAME XDDDDDDDD" Especially on discord. I fuckig hate everyone.
  9. Jockcel

    [Blackpill] Most popular NT posters are fakecels

    There is no way you can be NT as a truecel after years of bullying and isolation. The psychological damage is just too severe to be able to socialize efficiently. This theory has been proven time and time again, just take a look at all the fakecel larpers that got banned, they were all super...
  10. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Venting] Why normies man can not understand that our cause is theirs as well?

    Seriously that makes me very angry, these motherfuckers can not see that what affects us also affects them, but to a lesser degree but still enough for the relationship market to be unfair to them as well, all foids are placed on a pedestal as if it were higher beings and its defects and...
  11. Incellectual

    [Blackpill] The only difference between "confidence" and "arrogance" is attractiveness

    When an ugly guy is confident everyone accuses him of being arrogant. Even if its not about looks. I remember this kid in my school was smart but ugly as fuck and everyone said he was arrogant just because he was smart. He didn't even brag or anything he just kept to himself but people still...
  12. lonelyistheworld

    [Soy] heh, I guess you could call me a "chad"

  13. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] normies should just bee themselves

    Normies are the fakest trend hopping hipsters. Almost everything they like and do is just to fit in and be cool with other normies. Maybe they are the ones that need to just bee themselves instead of hopping from one pointless fad to another.
  14. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] the word cuck is not thrown around enough

    It needs to be thrown around far more often because it perfectly describes the typical normie.
  15. lonelyistheworld

    [JFL] pity friendships are fucking retarded

    So sick of this. "Oh I don't like him at all I just feel bad for him so I hangout with him." so sick of this garbage it's so easy to tell. They act like they give a damn about your opinions, your interests buts it's all bullshit It's so easy to see. They think I'm a literal retard that can't see...
  16. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Serious] Fullofhate was the proof that normies are psychopaths

    After @13k exposed him for being a normie it was all clear that most incels are not psychopaths, the opposite of what inceltears said when using his posts as an example, you could see that in @Fullofhate posts he demonstrated that he had a violence-oriented personality since his childhood, with...
  17. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Hypocrisy] Normies advices that contradict themselves

    Incel: "I can not get a girl who likes me, I'm a piece of shit, I'm the ugliest person I know, I'll never be loved." Normie:"Not really, you just need to trust yourself, you need to have self confidence and show that you are a serious and responsible person to be in a relationship and that you...
  18. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] Are most normies psychopaths?

    Psychopaths lack empathy. Most normies can't empathize with our plight. Are they psychopaths? Maybe they are the ones who should "get help".
  19. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] normies and r/inceltears posters help our community grow

    How many of you found out about incels because you saw normies talking about it? They are helping the incel community grow. I wouldn't even know about this community if it wasn't for normies. To any normies reading this. Thank you.