1. Eskimocel

    [Serious] What would you do if you got hold of a weapon of mass destruction?

    Seriously, what would you actually to if you acquired a nuclear, radiological or chemical weapon? Would you instantly use it on a certain country and hope for retaliation which would result in mutually assured destruction? Use it to threaten for certain policies to change? Build your own...
  2. Ugly_equals_Death

    [LifeFuel] Being an ogre is the best type of incel.

    At least you dont get shit from other males because you look intimidating. I mean its like would you rather eat your shit or drink your piss, but just imagine you are a manlet or a lowT gynocel. Thats on a whole other level. As an ogre you will be "fine" as long as you are in a 100% male...
  3. Eskimocel

    [Experiment] [POLL] Will you forget the black pill? Will you fall prey?

    Will you let go of the blackpill? I have seen it before my eyes in real life men losing their minds and "macho" action at the smallest scent of pussy within a 1km radius. I have seen it before my eyes men claiming they don't care but will fall and kiss the feet of the "queenz". Same online, I...
  4. EthnicelNL

    [Experiment] What does your room smell like?

    I havent showered in some days now because of my 2019 ambition to ldarmaxx and my room is already smelling like a mix of piss and shit. Fml beyond over for me What ur room smell like?
  5. BlackPilledKira

    [RageFuel] Getting sick of people asking me why i don't have a gf

    My stupid coworker yesterday kept asking me why i didn't have a girlfriend(s) at 22 years old and how he was banging multiple chicks at that age. Then when the new years fireworks celebration started, normies everywhere began embracing their significant others outside the harbour and making...
  6. Jockcel

    [SuicideFuel] First ever standing double backflip

  7. chudur-budur

    [JFL] From ogre to frog: it's over for surgerycurrycel

    Bef're that curry wast an ogre. So that curry didst a chap surg'ry. Thus that curry did turn into a frog (Before he was an ogre. So he did a jaw surgery. Thus he turned into a frog.) Born again in a different race is the only solution for curries. IT'S CURRY OVER.
  8. Jockcel

    [Blackpill] The Middle Easterners are the bottom of the barrel

    We are looked down upon more than the Curries have ever been. Even Curries have more SMV in the West than Middle Easterners. We are seen as an enemy from the outside; while Curries are simply comic characters. Just kill yourself already if you come from the ME and can't pass as a Curry or black.
  9. Jockcel

    [Serious] I feel happy about my stomach ache

    Because it distracts me from thinking about my problems.