orbiter beta cuck

  1. Ritalincel

    [LifeFuel] Just don't get recruited by "the incels" theory

  2. Moustachcel

    [Nofap] Fuck man masturbation is so hard to stop after one relapse!!!

    Relapsed two days ago after 30 day streak and its so hard to get back to nofap man fuck this jewish porn shit I fucking hate everything and am depressed again only because this shit man. Any tips to never relapes again boyos?
  3. T

    [Blackpill] A few occurings of women being delusional/humiliating their orbiters

    Context : 1st picture : screenshot of one orbiter being told he's basically not chad so he can't score despite being perfect for her. (Girl is a cute 17 yo asian League player) 2nd picture : some egirl complaining that chad doesn't text her, incels don't count in her eyes. The thread is filled...
  4. Incellectual

    [Venting] Foids always get catered to first

    Today at the convenience store I was behind a foid paying for some stuff. There were 2 male cashiers but both were trying to help her and talk with her instead of helping me purchase my food. I was on a lunch break at work so I didn't have a lot of time, so this was irritating to say the least...
  5. VisVoi

    [JFL] Catfishman Exposed as an Orbiting Cuck

    Catfishman is the one with the Link pfp Bonus:
  6. M

    [Experiment] Do you have online female friends?

    I had one but she recently closed snap Now I Is all alone