1. Transcended Trucel

    [Venting] Father asking me for $2000 a month

    Should I pay him or not? He gave me shit genes,poorcel life, shit IQ, horrible 4'10 inbred retarded schizo shitskin religious dumb fuck mother when he had chance with 5'8 decently wealthy lightskin puerotrican food. He says he is entitled to $2000 a month cause he raised me. He found out I am...
  2. Cleftcel

    [Serious] oldcels (over 30) do your parents ask/hint about grandchildren?

    i'm only 26 but my mom's asked casually before if i'd like to be a father, I said yes at the time but tbh im not sure
  3. Disabed_gamer

    Seeing my chad brother suceed in life and making my parent proud

    I know that its hard to see chads on the streets and at school, but have you ever have to live with one! my entire life by brother has always succeeded socially. Going to parties hooking up with hot stacys and just over all being a normal 20 something. Mean while I go to work and then go home to...