plastic surgery

  1. Phaoni

    [Blackpill] If you think plastic surgery isn't the only solution to inceldom, you're coping

    Title. There are holistic solutions that will make you way more attractive to the opposite sex, but having a nice face is instantaneously successful for dating, and will actually guarantee you sex.
  2. 11gaijin

    [Serious] Somebody tell me what surgeries this curry got

    I am not able to understand what did this guy do that his looks changed so much. Initially I was thinking he is doing some pic frauding but after looking at some videos it looks like that isn't the case. Before After I think there is considerable difference between the before...
  3. T

    [LifeFuel] HOLY FUCK it's officially possible to elongate palpebral fissures with osteotomy So I contacted the Don himself, Dr. Sinn, enquiring whether a palpebral fissure osteotomy could be performed to elongate the palpebral fissures by cutting the lateral orbital rim and moving it laterally with the lateral canthus attached. He...
  4. T

    Lets talk: Temporal Implants Is it just me or does this result... before after look incredibly fake with the camera angle just being modified a bit?
  5. T

    Is there a such thing as a '3D golden ratio mask?'

    Many of ya'll are probably familiar with this... Its the very commonly seen 2d golden ratio for a frontal view of a face. I've seen some side profile ones. Not sure which ones are legitimate. However, I'm wondering if it is possible to combine the two to have a 3/4ths view golden ratio along...
  6. chudur-budur

    [JFL] From ogre to frog: it's over for surgerycurrycel

    Bef're that curry wast an ogre. So that curry didst a chap surg'ry. Thus that curry did turn into a frog (Before he was an ogre. So he did a jaw surgery. Thus he turned into a frog.) Born again in a different race is the only solution for curries. IT'S CURRY OVER.
  7. B

    [Venting] Is plastic surgery viable?

    Despite all the modern scientific advances, medicine and surgery is still actually very primitive. I've never seen plastic surgery make anyone look better, it just makes you look even more weird than before. I've seen many surgeries work wonders, such as lengthening or shortening jaws, or...