1. chudur-budur

    [SuicideFuel] A chad always "looks" interesting.

    So I was chadfishing a roastie over POF today and I found this: What the fuck does that even mean by "look interesting"? Well, I mean, I might "sound" interesting, or "seem" interesting or "talk" interesting, but why the fuck "looks" come before everything in their subconscious mind?
  2. chudur-budur

    [Experiment] I made a chadfish account on POF and OKC then I posted my profile to reddit cucks for review and this is what happened

    JFL @ these stupid cucks, they spend hours after hours to curate a long 30 page profile and opening messages and send them to foids. And they keep whining about why they don't get any reply. Even some reddit morons send 200 different customized messages to 200 different women, but yet no reply...
  3. Disabed_gamer

    [RageFuel] Couldnt even say thank you for wishing her a happy birthday!

    So I' ve been talking to this chick i meet on pof a few months ago. I feel out of contact with her and then found her on facebook and had a few (what i thought was) good conversations with her about old animes and shit. Well today I wished her a happy birthday bc well it was her birthday but i...