1. chudur-budur

    [TeeHee] "Know Thyself"

    Socrates said, as he did in Phaedrus, that people make themselves appear ridiculous when they are trying to know obscure things before they know themselves. Plato also alluded to the fact that understanding 'thyself,' would have a greater yielded factor of understanding the nature of a human...
  2. lonelyistheworld

    [Blackpill] female rape fantasy, why women say rape is about power

    You've probably heard women say that men rape because they like the power. In reality women have fantasies about being dominated by men and they project their fantasy onto rapists.
  3. Cleftcel

    Short with good frame

    Can a good frame ever compensate for manletism? like a wide, thick powerful look Could a well-framed manlet with a masculine face slay? would this hypothetical dude mog a tall, lanky guy?