1. VirginNigga

    [Experiment] Worst ethnicity (west civ)

  2. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Ethnics are white supremacists

    Ethnics would prefer to live in a white country, date white womenz and have children that are half white (instead of what they are) =white supremacist
  3. IamLost

    [Blackpill] Its over for Germans. Germans will die out.

    Its over for the German Race and there is nothing you can do about it. The main reason is, German people have no free will. They love to suffer for the state and for fantastic Ideas(climate change). They were bred by the government/state over the centuries to follow orders and be...
  4. edgecel14

    [Blackpill] What Race are you?

    I am a huwite guy with sadly a small percent of Indosemtic BTW (I guess I need to take a shower for my merchant and dunecoon blood) Huwite master race: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe (((Indosemtic))): the Middle East (i.e. West/Southwest Asia including Arabs...
  5. 11gaijin

    [Blackpill] RacePill is more important that you think and one of the most legit pills

    RacePill imo is one of the most legit pills and it needs more attention. I don't think people from different races were meant to mingle. Globalization, emigration, immigration only helps women and the alpha men. So if you are a white guy moving to any other place in the world will make things...
  6. B

    Which "decent" woman would you reject only because of other race/ethnicity?

    Imagine you could get a good girl or woman (even dumb virgin if you like it), but of a race/ethnicity that is often considered lower, by those who believe in it. Would you reject her, and if, of which race. First is your, second of the potential mate. Max. 4 votes. The ethnic groups mentioned...
  7. Mixedcel

    [Experiment] What race is the most attractive in your opinion?

    I am wondering.
  8. Bronzehawkattack

    [Serious] I hate white people.

    That's click-bait by the way. What I really hate are white normies. White incels or black pilled white men are fine in my book, you're my brothers. But other than you guys, I hate white people. It doesn't matter if they're liberal or conservative, I hate them equally. On one end of the spectrum...
  9. VincentVanCope

    Why do girls lie so much about their racial preferences.

    They fucking NEED to virtue signal like a fish needs water ffs. Actual fucking proof, as if the overwhelming anecdotal evidence wasn’t enough. It’s over.
  10. Bjrgaminggod

    [News] [Blackpill] American Whites are dying faster than they can reproduce in 17 states

    In other Words whitcels it's OVER Just LDAR