1. Transcended Trucel

    [RageFuel] Parents keep watching trash tv shows

    Extremely ANNOYING!!!. Fucking parents keep making noise watching trash curry:feelsugh: tv shows. Fucking shows are so annoying and horrible. They ARE SO FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKING BAD:reeeeee:.Literally have same gay cheesy bullshit. Chad comes gets wife. wife is bullied by random bitch(could be chads...
  2. Anoncel123

    The phases of taking the blackpill (Poll)

    In which of these phases are you now? 1. Rage: This is the phase when you encounter for the first time with the blackpill knowledge. You realise that the world it's cruel with bad-looking people, that hypergamy and lookism it's everywhere, that the only thing that matters in the dating game...
  3. Hentai-Connoisseur

    [Story] Family Gathering

    So my younger cousin celebrated his birthday (I think it was his 18th). He has a gf of course but thats besides the point. He maybe celebrated with friends before or afterwards but this was more a less for family members. I wanted to share some things I experienced there. First of all one funny...
  4. Ugly_equals_Death

    [LifeFuel] I dont want a relationship anymore

    I am broken beyond repair, i hate women. I just want them to suffer, there is no way i ever could fall in love in such sociopathic individuals. Even if i would wake up as a perfect gigachad, i only would fuck hit and strangle them. I wont be able to feel anything accept hate for them to the rest...
  5. Transcended Trucel

    [Venting] Father asking me for $2000 a month

    Should I pay him or not? He gave me shit genes,poorcel life, shit IQ, horrible 4'10 inbred retarded schizo shitskin religious dumb fuck mother when he had chance with 5'8 decently wealthy lightskin puerotrican food. He says he is entitled to $2000 a month cause he raised me. He found out I am...
  6. Gengar

    [RageFuel] My aunt and her daughter are here in visit

    I hate when they come. They always ask me personal questions, and ofc the one they ask the most is why I don't have a gf. Last time when she was here (my aunt), it was no one but me, my brother (who was upstairs) and her in the house, she tried really hard to get out of me why I don't have a gf...
  7. Blackpincel

    [LifeFuel] The existence online places to discuss inceldom might actually prevent some Incels from "going ER"

    Just a random thought, I think that some way more gruesome massacres could have happened if some of us didn't have somewhere to vent and cope. Some shooters had a history of bullying and rejections from women, and they probably thought they were alone in the world with their miserable lives...
  8. angrycurrycel

    [Venting] How much of the way women act can be explained by biology/nature?

    So is every shitty thing women do gonna be excused by the fact that "its in their biology or "they are programmed to be this way". Am I not allowed to hate them anymore? We cant be mad at them anymore? So you're telling me the reason women openly bash curries is because its in their biology...
  9. Parrtlord

    [Blackpill] Being Beta

    If a woman is disgusted by you for being beta.. Remind her that feminism made you this way....Pretend to be bluepilled and a leftist.. BEING BETA IS THE BEST WAY TO TORTURE A FOID They can’t ADMIT that they hate soyboys without proving us right... Talking to women while being beta DESTROYS...
  10. C

    [RageFuel] Tired of these STUPID SLUTS LEAVING ME ON READ.

    I HATE THESE DUMB FUCKING SLUTS LEAVING ME ON READ! Does this shit happen to you where you might have a decent convo or vibe with some stupid slut and you message that stupid slut about hanging out and they agree. The only reason I talk to these idiotic sluts is so I can use them for there only...
  11. Virginp0wers

    Claiming your still a virgin if your an escortcel.

    JFL @ you coping fucks. dick in vagina = not virgin. the fact that you fuckers think you are one of us is not only humourous but dis respectable af.
  12. T

    [Venting] We need to "Bomb First" when it comes to Cucktears and the whores they defend.

    You claim to be an intellect but I fucked you oneitis, we bust on Cucktears niggah fuck for life. Cucktears are obsessed with incels. If they are so intellectually, morally, and socially superior, why are the spending a large portion of their time making videos and reddit post about anonymous...
  13. J

    [RageFuel] I can’t believe I repeated the same mistake

    I don’t know where to begin. In my previous post, I encouraged you guys to never help a foid in any situation. I feel like I turned against my own word. I took a beating for a subhuman noodlewhore. She has two kids from previous relationships. Now, she is married to a Nepali refugee for four...
  14. Virginp0wers

    [Venting] Cried today

    FUCK FUCK FUCK why do we have to suffer inceldom and be alone. I seriously wish i was aborted, fuck this fucked society, fuck these shallow females, i just want to not be alone. too much to ask for i guess. also failed nofap :feelsbadman:
  15. Virginp0wers

    Girl at my new job literally looks like a Tumblr foid

    She has blue hair, short , slightly chubby and has nose rings / ear rings. Id say no more than 1-2 years older than me. ( im 22) she even tried giving me shit on the 1st day lmao, because the other new recruit ( 4/10 foid in a LTR) was typing slow and i said im not used to seeing people type...
  16. I

    [Venting] IT user's spreading lie's and propaganda.

    Lmao, these bluepilled loser's are so ignorant.First off, Incel's do not deny that female's can achieve orgasm, so of course female's enjoy sex. That's why most of them cheat. Second, woman who "enjoy's having sex and is not ashamed of it" are slut's, that's why men think less of them, they have...
  17. Indari


  18. Virginp0wers

    I hate humans.

    This is probably one of the many motivators behind my inceldom, i cannot stand people at all. I hate them all, my last job in customer service + years of bullying while in education has made me despise all humans. And this isnt even an oh look im so edgy kind of thing. I seriously hate all...