1. ShadowScale

    [RageFuel] Female stab her husband to death, women on my country praise her as an example of ''female strength''

    On my country, last week happened a case were a couple or normies had a regular discussion about some irrelevant shit (if i can remember the guy wanted to give the couple's dog to someone), the fight heaten up, and the whore brutally murdered her husband with a single stab on the chest (a normal...
  2. seija

    [RageFuel] [News] [Meme?] I do hope this is a fucking meme.

    I just seen a news article updating on the Yuka Takaoka situation where fucking weebs have actually donated 3k to bail her degenerate, whore ass out of prison. I do hope this is some shitty, terrible meme but if its real I will honestly get fucking mad. But this is kind of a reason why I'm...
  3. DarkMTS_57

    [Blackpill] DICE: The Cube That Changes Everything

    I encourage everyone to check this Webtoon out. It is of utmost importance since it realizes all that has been talked about for years.
  4. seija

    [RageFuel] [Venting] Why Females can easily NEET more than men, and why this fact pisses me off.

    It makes me angry with the fact that the majority of foids that can NEET with little no work & effort on their end while Male NEETs have to work their ass and go through therapy, diagnosis and paperwork just to go NEET. Females can easily get money to go NEET by: Camwhoring Twitch Streaming...
  5. seija

    [RageFuel] [News] Noodlewhore Yandere Foid stabs a Japanese Male

    "On 23 May 2019, a 21-year-old Japanese woman was arrested in Tokyo for attempted murder of a male acquaintance. They were not known to be involved romantically. The Japanese woman, Yuka Takaoka, called the police after the stabbing. She was later photographed sitting and smoking on the...
  6. starystulejarz

    [RageFuel] Two foids bully incel in the interview.

    Just because he is low SMV he is worth less than garbage. While they don't treat baddly dude who had a wife. In the trailer below you could see how highly they think of themselves, how egoistic and narcissistic they are, they are not females they are vapid, vindictive and weak imitation of male...
  7. LordDylan

    [Blackpill] The one thing I cant stand about foids the most...

    No matter how fat or rundown they are they're always in a relationship, all foids I know are in a relationship, while only a few men I know are, I just don't get why I'm always seeing 2/10 landwhales with chads and chadlites, while I rarely see average men in relationships.
  8. rabitter

    [SuicideFuel] (Media) The charity helping disabled people with sex

    Why suicidefuel? Because we incels are told "no one is entitled to sex" while these disabled fucks have more experience with foids than us: http://shanghaiist.com/2017/05/01/hand-angels/ https://metro.co.uk/2015/02/04/charity-offers-free-hand-jobs-for-the-severely-disabled-5048906/ This...
  9. lonelyistheworld

    [RageFuel] autist makes joke, whiteknigts ruin his life

    >be autist >work shitty dolar store job >make a joke >get attacked by whiteknights >whiteknight uploads video on Youtube and Facebook >gets hundreds of thousands of views and thousands comments humiliating autist >get fired from dollar store job >get another shitty job at gas station...
  10. Engineercel

    foid mistook me for someone

    I was walking to the shitty convenience store wearing a big hoodie basically looking like the virgin walk guy. Hoodie was up over my stupid hair because it was fucking windy. At a crosswalk a 7.5 highschool or college girl hung her whole torso out the passenger side of a passing car to wave and...
  11. ChadTears555

    [RageFuel] Roastie says she wants a cuck boyfriend and SHAMES men with small penises!

    My device has no copy & paste feature. Here is a screenshot, just search the video. [JFL] @ these comments [It's Over]
  12. mangoboy

    [RageFuel] [Hypocrisy]According to this backwards feminist society, men can be viewed as a monolith while women are special snowflakes

    When the #MeToo fiasco occurred, it was viewed as something that is collectively the fault of ALL men and we were all lectured to about the importance of respecting women's "consent". It's a well known fact that it's a small number of serial offenders that account for most rapes. Yet, every man...
  13. Autizmooos

    Being ugly yet your parents are good looking

    I accepted the fact i'm ugly long time ago but it's sad when you are ugly while your parents are good looking yet you see good looking people with ugly parents
  14. Six

    [RageFuel] Rage Fuel Thread

  15. C

    I don’t even look at a girl anymore, they’re just fire hydrants to me.

    Everyday I feel the empathy disappear and in its space sprouts more apathy. I don’t care how others feel anymore. In fact, I feel like hurting people, especially women. I want to hurt them the way they hurt me, I want to laugh at them the way they laughed at me. And in a strange way, I kind of...
  16. Ap0calypse

    If you ever plan a date with a female, this can happen at anytime

    Daily reminder that personality=looks. The way females perceive your personality is based on how your face looks. You can have a shit personality but if you are attractive, a female will perceive you as a good person. Do you ever wonder why the popular guys in your school are always attractive?
  17. Virginp0wers

    I hate normie scum so much

    Just got my letter of termination from the job i was fired from. i said before the 2 reasons they gave were complete bullshit. ( apparently i was cold / blunt ) the letter they sent today they said i had ( attitude) with staff, even though i was only there a month and barely spoke to any of...
  18. Virginp0wers

    Im back fellow Neetcels

    Got fired from my job at the videogame store, the funny part is the reason for them firing them was petty af. i told a customer the dvd he was buying could be watched online and apparently that " reflects bad on the company " the other reason they gave for firing me was that i was " blunt...
  19. maynarde

    "You Like Good Boys or Bad Boys" ?--Librarian Turns Into Slut

    Cant really help myself. Like some of you, I have my own profile where Im honest (im a tall 5 who used to be an 8 but im balding). (either way it doesnt matter, cuz anything below 7 is invisible) The profiles i contact all specifically state "LOOKING FOR A GOOD GUY NO DRAMA....INTELLIGENT"...
  20. Virginp0wers

    Had to see a work therapist - waste of time

    This was for my last job centre appointment because im in work again now, she claimed that being alone never having a friend was " normal " at 22 and that i was still young. also when i mentioned my extreme anxiety around people and the way people/ females treat me, she said that it was most...