1. gymletethnicel

    [JFL] This is what awaits you if you ascend.

    Found on MCTOW. It would be an understatement to say that it is over. Stay away from these females if you do not want to end up in jail.
  2. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] muslims aren't raping anyone

    You always hear from right-wing media that muslims are raping Europe's women. In reality it's just the whoring European women that willfully give themselves over to the muslims and then after they cry about rape for attention. The same thing happened with French women and Nazi soldiers during...
  3. VST

    [News] University of Washington recently had an anonymous sex crime reporting page.

    It was called makethemscared.com (unfortunately I do not have an archive of it nor did I archive it) It was a site made by students to anonymously submit rape claims against fellow students, as you can expect it was a shitshow and swiftly invaded by 4chan. While it was up I have noticed that in...
  4. lonelyistheworld

    [Blackpill] female rape fantasy, why women say rape is about power

    You've probably heard women say that men rape because they like the power. In reality women have fantasies about being dominated by men and they project their fantasy onto rapists.
  5. Henry de Montherlant

    [Serious] The recent news on the Harvey Weinstein case

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-45061114 https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/wp/2018/08/03/harvey-weinsteins-lawyer-seeks-to-dismiss-charges-claiming-emails-prove-consensual-relationship/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.dc7dd96af2b2 I read in the French medias that...
  6. Leucosticte

    It's a red herring when people say, "How would YOU like to be raped?"

    People think it's some kind of atomic bluepill that blows up our whole world when they say, "Aha, well, you say that it's okay to rape femoids, but how would YOU like to be raped? Yeah, that makes you look at it differently, huh?" They think if they conjure up an image in our heads of our...
  7. InebriatedIrish

    [JFL] Bill Nye is a Soyboy

    Science is confirmed to be a beta career. JFL if your a sciencel.
  8. B

    Why is rape frowned upon?

    It can be a magical experience for both parties. I know that a woman can get traumatized when an ugly man rapes her, if I were female I wouldn't want anyone but Chad's penis inside me. But women are thinking about this wrong, good rape isn't only when hot guys do it. If women just relax and let...
  9. DustyJarCoffee

    [Blackpill] [Suicidefuel] [Netorare] Gigatyrone Famous Dex STEALS anime from incels

    Just fucking lol wtf Literal real life NTR what the hell
  10. Redpill Robert

    [RageFuel] Louis C.K. is a fucking cuck who is getting what he deserved

    Like most people in the entertainment industry, he's nothing but a craven, opportunistic sociopath that panders to the lowest common denominator (cucks, feminists, and leftists in general) even though he clearly doesn't actually believe any of the bullshit that he spews. I mean apparently, fat...