1. ThirdWorldcel

    [It's Over] r/PurplePillDebate is the saddest & cringiest sub I've ever seen

    Makes IT look somewhat less pathetic in comparison, the entire sub consists of: Oldcels who recognize female hypergamy and the gynocentric sexual marketplace, yet somehow this hasn't been an impediment for them to develop a very elaborated sexual false consciousness about their sexual success...
  2. Brak123

    [Story] how I swallowed the blackpill

    when I spread the redpill/blackpill among people, I describe them like this: Chad pill: in order to get a girl just be yourself! blue pill: you need a good personality and developed social skills to seduce a girl. red pill: attractiveness and appearance is fundamental to get a girl, but social...
  3. LittleBoy

    [Blackpill] No mention of the Black Pill whatsoever Jesselyn? Bad form me Lady I say... At least a Redpiller gets into your line of fire. Hate speech = subjective to the one crying "hate speech". If you are a minority & you engage in combat then your protected privileged status...
  4. SergeantIncel

    The relationship between Bluepill, Redpill, and Blackpill.

    1. Why does the Bluepill exist? Decades ago interactions between humans were restricted to whoever they knew in real life; there was no internet, no cellphones, no instant messaging or picture-sending apps. Even with an old phone or modem there was no way of finding webpages or numbers without...
  5. FACEandLMS

    WAW2: Women Hate Being Approached By Non-Goodlooking Guys

    Warning: I might need to reupload this but for now here's the link.
  6. M

    [Experiment] Considering a new experiment

    Hey, I am a NEET with nothing better to do, so I have considered conducting a little experiment. In the form of a “vlog”, I will be filming myself doing all the typical cucktears/normie approaches and taking their advice. This includes things such as “being confident”, wearing designer clothes...