1. gymletethnicel

    [LifeFuel] Woman who mocked short guys in this and other videos dies in escooter accident

    Rest in piss filthy roastie
  2. f1rem0th

    [Story] Panicked roastie ran up to me for physical protection the other day, and I denied her.

    So I'm an ogrecel and very big (plus a little fat) and I've been told I look extremely intimidating by other incels. I'm physically large and tall and have a big frame and an extremely low trust face (think something like a low inhib ugly gangster) Some roastie walked up to me and she was...
  3. ThirdWorldcel

    [It's Over] r/PurplePillDebate is the saddest & cringiest sub I've ever seen

    Makes IT look somewhat less pathetic in comparison, the entire sub consists of: Oldcels who recognize female hypergamy and the gynocentric sexual marketplace, yet somehow this hasn't been an impediment for them to develop a very elaborated sexual false consciousness about their sexual success...
  4. chudur-budur

    [JFL] Roasties think fapping is rape because your hand can't give you consent.

    Roasties never cease to amaze me. :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek: A pure lifefuel, if this is not made up.
  5. non_factor

    [News] Manipulative chad disables roastie's personality detectors before ending her life
  6. chudur-budur

    [LifeFuel] Roastie gets HIV from her past dicks, cuck hubby takes care of her and a currycel asks for bobs, vegene and sax

    Degenerate dick rider roastie gets HIV from one of her numerous past dicks, tries to infect her current hubby but fails, makes a YT video for internet points: And then, all of a sudden, a curry appears out of nowhere and asks for bobs, vegene and sax. Thus the cycle completes.
  7. chudur-budur

    [LifeFuel] My chadfish got a match with an intersectional feminist bipedal-roastie-hippo

    So my ethnic chadfish got a match with an "intersectional feminist" bipedal-hippo (a.k.a. lardbeast/landwhale). How do I fuck her up? Any suggestion?
  8. chudur-budur

    [Experiment] Justice Roastie vs. Super Squirt-Shit Girl: who will win?

    Angry whores and their cucks are raging all over the internet. So much harms are done by the misogynistic legion of incels and IRS reporter scums. PUAs and redpillers are spewing toxic masculinity. All of them are continuously trying to take away the right to cock-ride from all the innocent...
  9. chudur-budur

    [SuicideFuel] Rainbow hair SJW roastie opens up to my chadfish

    So I was chadfishing from my OKC account with a rainbow hair SJW roastie, during the convo she was telling me this out of no-where: She was babbling about her ideal man (she is 29 btw), then I asked: Then she says: She also admits that she made wrong decisions before: But she is...
  10. Brak123

    [NSFW] [PORN] what a roastie looks like

    https://www.REMOVEheavy-r.comREMOVE/video/337990/Worn_Out_Pussy/ this videos shows how the pussy of an emancipated woman turns after 35 years of sexual freedom
  11. Chadani

    [LifeFuel] last photo taken alive of village bicycle b4 roping after chad broke up with her

    and i use the term 'rope' lightly. more like she OD on cough syrup or something. she looks like a textbook femcunt as well. no tears shedded on this side also BONUS:
  12. chudur-budur

    [SuicideFuel] A chad always "looks" interesting.

    So I was chadfishing a roastie over POF today and I found this: What the fuck does that even mean by "look interesting"? Well, I mean, I might "sound" interesting, or "seem" interesting or "talk" interesting, but why the fuck "looks" come before everything in their subconscious mind?
  13. chudur-budur

    [Hypocrisy] Daily reminder that whores love dirty and stinky men

    So I was chadfishing a roastie on okcupid yesterday night and she suddenly asked me out. This is what happened (I am the blue ones) -- I told the bitch that I have to take shower, need clean clothes and I need to shave and all that shit. But she says "she is into dirty men". I also call her...
  14. chudur-budur

    [LifeFuel] This is how you fuck with a cucktears roastie

    It's a follow up from a previous thread made by @OverBeforeItBegan I was just doing some casual fucking a cucktear roastie, I thought I should share. The fucking her up...
  15. chudur-budur

    [Blackpill] Just got a fresh blackpill from a whore's mouth

    I was catfishing on OKC as a curry model and was having some chat with a nerdy blue haired tatted liberal SJW roastie. And this is what she said -- Chad: Roastie: There were times when people tend to hide their shallow side. There were lots of other stuffs she could have said, like...
  16. Ritalincel

    [LifeFuel] Roast beef drops off balcony in Turkey A British nurse has died after falling from a balcony while on holiday in Turkeywith her son and partner. Séaneen McCullough, from Belfast, was named by friends and colleagues as the...
  17. chudur-budur

    [JFL] Roasties are now bleaching their buttholes to lure chads

    Makeup and/or dressing like whores is not enough, because the prince charming wants a bleached butthole. People are dying here to get a glimpse of a real-life hairy butthole with calluses.
  18. TheLivingFailure

    [TeeHee] Roastie would rather let us burn than help us

    "IncelTears is a part-mocking, part-watchdog subreddit" is what it says for the IT description. I didn't know part mocking was telling us to burn in a fire :lul:
  19. Intent

    [RageFuel] Another white roastie makes an Incel video (ERFuel)

    >"It's something that i've been vaguely aware of for a long time" >let me give you a 26 minute insight of what I firmly believe JFL at her channel bio