1. iblamemyself

    When the rope is the cope: doctor hanged himself 12 times

    Crazy doctor obsessed with hangings tried to find out how people die when they hang from a rope. So he hanged himself 12 times. Found out that it's very painful and that people die from not getting blood into their brains because of the noose pressing against the neck, not from suffocation...
  2. FACEandLMS

    [SuicideFuel] It's the weekend. It's time to make some memories!

    Weekend! Time to make memories w/ my prime, unspoiled gf who is able to pairbond cuz she isn't jaded from being pumped/dumped by 30 chads. We will NEVER be this young and carefree again. No kids, no bills, just TEEN LOVE. This is ONCE in a lifetime. And what are YOU up to this weekend? Vidya AGAIN?
  3. Vannaka

    Just rope if you live with a roommate chad

    Just moved in two months ago with this Moroccan guy. It's a two bedroom house. But he has a girl round every weekend or every other weekend. They went back to his room after one date to have sex, now I have to listen to these fucking normies's sex noises every week. The fleshy clapping noises...
  4. Blackpincel

    [Serious] [Request] Evidence or data about Incel suicides/ropings

    Hello there friendcels, I would like to retrieve as much information as possible about male individuals who either identified themselves as Incels, or were notoriously unattractive or socially maladjusted, who commited suicide; Or individuals who fit that description some of you guys think...
  5. IamLost

    [Serious] Do you think ,you will kill yourself at one point in your life?(POLL)

    I'm so depressed I could kill myself at any moment. The only thing holding me back, is my parents. But I don't know how long I can wait. My parents may live another 20-30 years. I cant' wait this long. Death seems to be so liberating. Do you think you will rope someday? Or will you keep...
  6. C

    [LDAR] Truecel Friday night check-in

    Report in, boyos. How are we all coping tonight? I'll be browsing the web all night and doing some studyceling. I'm a loser. It's over.
  7. lonelyistheworld

    [Blackpill] society wants you to quietly kill yourself

    The elites or normies or NWO or (((them))) or whatever the fuck you want to call it. Incels are dangerous and bad for society. They want us to quietly rope ourselves in our rooms. Keep this in mind next time you are reading a [It's Over] thread from a newcel telling you there's nothing you can...
  8. Cleftcel

    [Experiment] Just curious

    I drift between agnosticism and nihilism. I can remember having nihilistic thoughts as early as 12 but ive also tried out the religious thing at 18 and have always had a curiosity about the indian religions. tbh I wish I was religious/ had God =best cope of all time How was your beliefs...
  9. nausea

    [News] new approach to the rope

  10. WarriorSkull

    What Will They Write On Your Tombstone After You Rope?

  11. non_factor

    [Serious] Any freakishly tall incels here?

    I'm 6'8 personally and it insults me to the bone when people spew jUsT bE taLL dUdE,if you gave me an opportunity to be reborn as a 5'5 average faced man I would take it in an instant,wouldn't even think about it. Nothing worse than being ugly AND have a freakish body on top of that,your every...
  12. trey3

    [Serious] Would you go for a subhuman femoid?

    Just curious how many of you would be willing to date an incel equivalent female? By that I mean you, but you've got a vagina now. Would you date that.
  13. M

    I will sui this year

    I promise. I won't let you guys down
  14. SupremeG

    [SuicideFuel] Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

    I'm so tired of suffering. 2 last years were just full of painful rejection. I better stop writing cause this is getting cringe af. So let's just make a minute's silence and watch that video. You will realise, it's over for the better. It's much easier to stop caring and accept it.