1. manlet cUnt

    [Blackpill] vanta blackpill experiment part 2: brutal chad tinder experiment

    for part 1 but remember guys its our personality meet kristofer: imagine your absolute whore of a mother fucking bringing an ex con, sexist chad who murders animals around your children but its ok because chad is a changed man you see teehee. this shit is beyond a joke at this point. the...
  2. BlackPilledKira

    [RageFuel] My aunt says i look like shit after slimming down

    The little self esteem i had left after gymcelling for 6 months was completely crushed after my aunt saw one of my photos and said i looked sick and weird. The worst part is that she is 31 years old and obese yet has had multiple boyfriends that all mog me badly even though i'm 10 years younger...
  3. DustyJarCoffee

    [Blackpill] [Suicidefuel] [Netorare] Gigatyrone Famous Dex STEALS anime from incels

    Just fucking lol wtf Literal real life NTR what the hell