1. lonelyistheworld

    [LifeFuel] Fritz Zorn is the most underrated incel saint

    No one knows about him but he wrote a book about how he blamed society for giving him cancer and wrote about how he was a virgin and how he never had friends or a girlfriend.
  2. iblamemyself

    [Serious] [GTFIH] I found an extreme truecel boy on youtube. New star on the sky of involuntary celibacy

    Srsly. You need to see this kid. He probably reversemogs the majority of this board, I had a hard time just looking at him and I can stomach a lot of things. He is almost at stblackops2cel's level (peace be upon him). (Btw, the vid is about English finals in Germany which were way too...
  3. lonelyistheworld

    [Media] Anyone else cry every time?

  4. S

    Reminder that StBlackOps2Cel is your saint

    Praise him.