1. Gengar

    [Serious] Is it better to be asexual or have a great sex life?

    Which one do you think it is? Is it better not to have sexual urges at all or to have a great sex life? Of course, I think we all agree that comparing (a)sexual incel and (a)sexual Chad is not fair so let's say you can be Chad in either case. I think it is better not to have sexual urges at all...
  2. outherebrothers

    [LifeFuel] Specialist autism website Age of Autism ADMITS that young men NEED sex and autistic men have little to no chance of getting it.

    At least there is a mainstream website waking up to reality. This article was in reference to Tryston Terrell (St. Chad SlayerCel) who shot up a school and killed a Chad and another student and was diagnosed as autistic at aged 3. "My friends with sons at every spot on the spectrum are insane...
  3. Mixedcel

    [LifeFuel] What do you think about sex dolls?

    Do you think getting one could help with coping with inceldom? I'm thinking of getting one, despite them costing a few thousand euros (or dollars) at the moment.
  4. Mixedcel

    How do you expect sex feels like?

    How do you imagine sex feeling like? Better than masturbating? A lot better than masturbating? My friend says he thinks masturbating feels better than sex. Perhaps he's addicted to masturbating?
  5. Yodoyee

    [NSFW] tfw you will never experience this

    When you have experienced nothing even close, not even holding hands Amateur pron is so blackpilling because it involves actual couples.
  6. Firefly

    [Experiment] How low below your looksmatch will you tap?

    I had a question similar to this before but this question would be more appropriate since there is a spectrum of looks for us. To clarify the question, let's say for example you are a 4/10. How low will you go? (1 point below your looks match = 3/10 femoids or above, etc etc..)
  7. IamLost

    [Serious] Do prostitutes refuse service to ugly men?

    Last week my cousin asked me, if wanted to try prostitutes. I said to him, that I dont know yet. I am afraid that i will get rejected by these prostitutes, because of my ugliness and i will never recover and kill myself. It will be the final nail in the coffin. By the way I live in Germany and...
  8. Professorjpj

    DO you believe you could have SEX with a realsexdoll and "finish"

    Just wondering, NOT counting if you could AFFORD one or not, but do you guys think you could actually "get it up" and FINISH with one? As good and realistic as many of them look and feel in this modern age.. Heres a few pics as examples..
  9. Limerencel

    [Blackpill] Scientific study reveals that FAT women have MORE sex

    Most important quotes from the study: Oregon and Hawaiian researchers have found that a woman's weight does not seem to affect sexual behavior. In fact, overweight women are more likely to report having sex with men than women considered to be of "normal weight." Obese and overweight women have...
  10. Phaoni

    [Blackpill] The Benefits of Sex

    So everyone in society have always trailed about how men are not entitled to sex. It is a permissive idea that sexual activity is not a vital function for the human body, soul and psyche. Well, I'm about to prove how deluded normies are. As I suspected before doing any research, the brain...
  11. Yodoyee

    [SuicideFuel] This website scores your face I've never gotten above 60%, and usually it says males would rate me higher than females would. It's over for me, a straightcel.
  12. Henry de Montherlant

    [Experiment] What will you do if you actually achieve to have a GF ?

    The question seems strange but the more I read people here about cold approach, Tinder, etc, the more it seems people don't really realize the importance of such a question. I read several users here blatantly saying that they only cold approach foids they consider far below their league (for...
  13. Phaoni

    [Blackpill] You are a SLAVE because you've had no SEX

    To all you incels wagecucking, to all you working shitty repetitive jobs, to all you NEETs and LDARs, so in fact 99.9% of you, it is a wide known fact that the arousal of sexual energy leads to the emancipation of your CREATIVITY. This is a quote from Dr. Stephen de Wit, a Toronto based...
  14. C

    How Much Does Sex Matter

    Hear me out before you tear into me. I'm not going to write my life story here but I the summary is not much different from anyone else's story here. I'm a virgin and celibate and I've been that way for a long time. Tbh I've been more interested in sharing a meanigful bond with a female rather...
  15. Orikatan

    Even my cat gets sex

    Heard screaming and looked outside to see my cat fucking another cat. Well at least someone is getting sex. :feelsbadman:
  16. WithoutMe

    [It's Over] Male reproduction is a rigged game.

    The steps to securing reproduction as a male: 1. Make a lot of money. 2. Looksmax and Gymcel. 3. Meet as many people as possible a. Develop skills which are interesting and respectable. b. Learn how to carry and control a conversation. c. Network / make connections. 4. Attract a...
  17. Mixedcel

    What is the most bizarre sexual act you would like to try?

    For me it is bondage, facesitting and lactation.
  18. Intent


    Why haven't you purchased an anime girl sex doll?
  19. B

    [LifeFuel] Brave New World sex life better than Gilead or Saudi Arabia

    Many here seem to prefer a sexually oppressive regime, like Saudi Arabia, among Amish people or like Gilead from Handmaid's Tale. Understandable reason is that sexual freedom brought great improvements in sex life for a few, a bit for many, while we are excluded. Probably most people have read...
  20. Vainglorious

    POLL: Getting Sucked Off at a Glory Hole

    I saw one once in a mens room at a flea market. I was 15 and ignored it b/c I'm not gay. But assuming you were in a place where you couldn't know if the sucker was a man or a woman, and it was 50/50 either way and assuming you couldn't get an STD or get you dick injured, would you do it? I...