sexual harassment

  1. W

    [RageFuel] DON'T EVER approach, look, or even think of these Toronto feminist whores! They HATE YOU!

    Leave these fucking whores by themselves when some lunatic like Alek Minassian or #Based Jew goes ER because of a Jewish MK-ULTRA PSY-OP: You don't want to end up like this for offending a feminist cunt from Toronto:
  2. Redpill Robert

    [RageFuel] Louis C.K. is a fucking cuck who is getting what he deserved

    Like most people in the entertainment industry, he's nothing but a craven, opportunistic sociopath that panders to the lowest common denominator (cucks, feminists, and leftists in general) even though he clearly doesn't actually believe any of the bullshit that he spews. I mean apparently, fat...