1. iblamemyself

    [Story] I discovered that there was cum on my shirt

    I sat down in front of my computer and got comfortable in my chair. I had my hands in front of my belly when I felt something sticky on my index finger. I recoiled in surprise. I looked down and there was a big spot on my shirt. I rubbed my index with my thumb and the substance was sticky. Oh...
  2. giganticel

    [Experiment] Who’s the biggest shitposter in the forum ?

  3. Profligate

    [LDAR] high as fuck waiting for pizza

    they've been quality checking my stuff for like 10 minutes better be the best damn pizza I ever had.
  4. engineerescortceler

    Male population incel percentage

    my guess: 2% Chad 50% normies 15% incels who aren't bluepilled and understand why they are incels 33% bluepilled incels in denial/hope phase of the blackpill: denying the importance of looks while at the same time worshipping hot girls. Often low IQ and unaware of what they like when they...
  5. Minjaze

    It's over for dogcels

    "There's someone for everyone!" they said...