1. Mixedcel

    What do you think about what this man is saying?

  2. Xenocel

    [Serious] Unmarried non virgin sluts should wear glow in the dark collars so that men can identify them

    Our current law system and police force are ridiculous. The law shouldn't protect unmarried non virgin sluts from rape. In fact the law should encourage the rape of non virgin sluts. This would have many benefits such as: 1) prevent femoids from becoming worthless sluts because they would be...
  3. ApoplecticRage

    Why I think Cuckoldry will Increase

    Today just about any slut can get fucked by a chad. Betabuxxers are willing to do nearly anything to have a woman. Most women will have had the experience of being with a chad (likely chads). The women's magazines/websites/feminists will take up the cuckolding idea and mainstream it so that...
  4. I

    [Venting] IT user's spreading lie's and propaganda.

    Lmao, these bluepilled loser's are so ignorant.First off, Incel's do not deny that female's can achieve orgasm, so of course female's enjoy sex. That's why most of them cheat. Second, woman who "enjoy's having sex and is not ashamed of it" are slut's, that's why men think less of them, they have...