1. Gengar

    [Serious] The importance of balls

    We all know big dick is important but what about balls? I know big dick and big balls usually go together so in those cases you can just equate the importance of balls with the importance of dick, but what if not? How would a foid react if say, someone had big balls but small dick? I guess they...
  2. Gengar

    Am I the only one who finds noodlewhores disgusting?

    Well, disgusting may be too strong of a word but they're just gross compared to white foids. Idk why are they so popular lately. Big forehead, ugly eyes, retarded skull... I'm like "meh" even when it comes to asian models. UGLY Edit: I fucked up. I meant to write "I agree with the first post...
  3. jerrycan dan

    human body easter egg found

    when you brush your teeth using a toothbrush without toothpaste, your saliva forms a toothpaste like foam wtf this is pretty neat some studies have shown that brushing your teeth without toothpaste is more or less as effective as using toothpaste as well
  4. Cleftcel

    [Serious] Anyone notice how ppl generally befriend those with a similar SMV?

    incel with incel, chad with chad etc. Maybe a highIQcel could explain this phenomenon?
  5. FACEandLMS

    [RageFuel] Foid-Student whose legs were sliced off pokes fun at her disability in a darkly comic Tinder profile and it's led to dates

    'I'll never run away from you!': Student whose legs were sliced off by a train after her drink was spiked pokes fun at her disability in a darkly comic Tinder profile - and it's led to dozens of dates Student Mandy Horvath, from Kansas, lost both of her legs three years ago She was hit by a...
  6. FACEandLMS

    [JFL] My Looksmatched looked at me and averted her gaze so INSTINCTIVELY that I burst into laughter.

    This woman was my direct looksmatch in terms of race and especially in attractiveness - of which she had none, just like me. I got on the train, she was sat down. I looked at her for maybe a split-second. She looked at me and then immediately turned her head away with a sort of "horror" or...