1. seija

    [Media] [Meme] I just found this song about Elliot Rodger

    I honestly think its some shitty meme parody about Elliot Rodger's sexual interests. The only good part is at the end or the middle-end. The beginning just has some annoying screeches or repeats and drags on the same lines. Its kind of funny ngl. I honestly thought posting it here, hoping to...
  2. Gengar

    [LifeFuel] Incel anthem

    I have considered this song to be one of the best candidates for our anthem. Though the song isn't really about inceldom there are definitely some parallels, i.e. a coherent way to look at this song through eyes of an incel (particularly about swallowing the blackpill). Let me start. Also, you...
  3. Gengar

    "I like to travel"

    Fish and dicks down in London The two met near the Thames He had a noble accent and His name, I think, was James In Paris, the Eiffel Tower Wasn't what she tried to climb Tho it was hard like ancient iron Jaques was a stunning mime In Amsterdam, where the smell Of weed hung in the air The...
  4. Intent

    [JFL] Guy makes Incel-shaming song

  5. S

    what do you guys think of this song?.

  6. VST

    [JFL] Roastie song